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The Destroyer is heavily armored and its behavior is aggressive. It is armed with a powerful Alien Missile Launcher capable of immense destruction. It can also deposit Alien beings into the city.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia

Alien Destroyer


¹ Armour values are for: Top/Front/Left/Right/Rear|Under

Apoc ufo5 icon.png

Alien Destroyer (UFO Type 5) are used for mission types: infiltration, bombing and alien search. It does not have any escort duties.

Cityscape Combat
This UFO uses the first missile weapon invented by the aliens: a Disruptor Bomb Launcher using Disruptor Inversion Bombs as ammuntion. The Destroyer is named for what it is good at: Destruction. The missile weapon is its only form of attack. It has a very large ammuntion store to be a constant threat to large and slow X-Com vehicles whereas faster craft with better acceleration can dodge the missile in-flight. The UFO is only of medium speed but has strong armor to survive intense air battles. A single destroyer should be targeted first if there are no stronger threats. The quicker it is disabled or destroyed, the less missiles it can launch and since it can infiltrate, the less threat to X-Com it will pose overall.
The Destroyer is formidable in its primary role of building bombing. The missiles will destroy any cityscape section it hits and is also a deadly threat to X-Com craft.

Crash Recovery

Doors Location: West

The crash-recovery battlescape shows the brown UFO has impacted the ground and slid towards the west, leaving a long trench in the east.
Access into the UFO is via two large doors at grass level close to the western edge, with a hill just south of the southern door which can limit agent movement if avoiding grenades or missiles in flight. The trench is only has spot-fires.

Battlescape Combat
The crash recovery battlescape is eight levels high.
The Destroyer's two doors close together enables easy ambush by X-Com if agents are positioned in the north-western area, facing the doors. The hill just near the south door prevents easy escape for any lifeform. The very large open area just inside the UFO, level with the grass outside, offers easy targeting for the aliens to any agents positioned just outside the doors which are used to see inside. They can be easily killed from aliens out of visual range deeper inside the UFO.
Once entry is possible, the floor area is devoid of cover with a grav-lift in the exact center and elevated platforms at each side providing sniper positions overlooking the lift. The uppper floors have the usual corridors which limit evasive movements from grenades or direct fire.
The UFO roof is accessible to flying units only. The exact center contains a translucent 'skylight' which enables viewing and detection of hostiles within the UFO. The window tiles are very strong. Agents and aliens may engage in combat, only to waste ammunition.

A succesfully recovered Destroyer allows progress towards better hybrid X-Com craft and will also provide weapons, devices, and sub-systems for further research or to sell.

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