Alien Dimension (Apocalypse)

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The Alien Dimension consists of a bleak, hostile environment with an organic city. This city undoubtedly constructs Alien craft and nurtures the Alien brood. The structure of the buildings is immensely strong, but there appears to be weak point which will allow our Agents and vehicles to gain access to the building south of the dimension gates. If we can research this building further then we will have the necessary information to send in our squads to destroy it. We should then be able to gain access to the next building via the organic tubing that joins the Alien city together like a giant umbilical cord.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia

The Alien Dimension

Apoc dimensionmap.png

The alien's home. A volcanic environment with invunerable biological structures and an irregular snaking umbilical acting as a people-tube connection. The buildings are of organic design and seem to be overgrowths of some sort of unknown exotic fungus.
The Dimension Gates allow free movement of UFOs at any time into Mega-Primus.

UFOs will be on active patrol within their world. Any threats will be attacked by all alien craft

UFO Patrols

Alien craft are grown and become active at the start of a new week. As the game progresses, more advanced UFOs will appear each new week. The alien craft will patrol their homeworld until a mission has been initiated. The chosen UFOs will travel to Mega-Primus and appear at the dimension gates. Many UFOs are grown, up to a limit, but not all will be sent across for a mission. Those which remain behind will continue to patrol ...until it becomes time.

Any X-Com craft in their world will be mercilessly attacked.

Alien Buildings

There are ten buildings which will need to be destroyed in sequence to win the game.

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