Alien Escort Ship (Apocalypse)

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This craft is fast and nimble. On its own it represents no threat, but is deadly when combined with other Alien combat ships. It is armed with a missile which generates a Stasis Field on impact. This field holds the target still for a small period of time so craft that rely on evasion for defense, become vulnerable.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia

Alien Escort Ship


¹ Armour values are for: Top/Front/Left/Right/Rear

Apoc ufo8 icon.png

Alien Escort Ships (UFO Type 8) are used strictly as escorts for other UFOs. It does not Infiltrate, Bomb Buildings, or perform Alien Search.

Cityscape Combat
An Escort Ship cannot damage anything. The craft has no offensive weaponry. This UFO is used, along with its stasis bombs, to distract X-Com air vehicles in combat so they themselves can be targeted by X-Com's missiles where it will then activate its cloak effect to confuse any missile tracking. The UFOs armor is strong and its speed is fast and if damaged can often teleport. If targeted for destruction by X-Com, concentrated firepower and many hits will disable the cloak effect temporarily so that guns and missiles can accurately target this UFO. Total destruction is the usual outcome since its disabled constitution value is very low.

Crash Recovery

Door Location: West

The crash-recovery battlescape shows the pink UFO has impacted the ground hard and slid eastwards into the terrain leaving a deep trench behind.
Access into the UFO is via a large door on the western side, within the deep trench.

Battlescape Combat
The crash recovery battlescape is seven levels high.
The Escort Ship's door access and its location within the deep trench limits defensive positions outside and evasive movement due to the narrow lower trench and UFO hull overhang. If moving towards the door and strong explosives are used, the part of the craft directly above the trench may explode from damaged fuel supplies which then can kill those below from falling debris, but it can provide an alternative entrance for flying troops.
The grav-lift is located centrally, surrounded by a large wide platform which is ideal for ambush since there is no cover when agents are trying to access the higher levels. The upper section of the craft has a intersection which again is an ambush opportunity which weapon misses or explosives may impact the intact fuel supply, if not destroyed earlier. Agents are limited in movement due to crossfire from three sides. Destroying the exposed stasis bombs could provide a distraction. If roof access if prefered for the 'disposal chute' tactic, the highest point next to the orange roof section will be directly over the grav-lift which removes the aliens ambush advantage.
Agents which do not have flying ability cannot return to the eastern grassy slopes or roof once they have jumped off the roof to reach the western side. Access is blocked due to the deployed launchers, unless destroyed.

A succesfully recovered Escort Ship will provide weapons, devices, and sub-systems for further research or to sell.

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