Alien Fast-Attack Ship (Apocalypse)

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This craft is well armored, highly maneuverable and armed with a powerful beam weapon. It is designed to protect other more vulnerable Alien ships. Avoid these craft if the threat to our vehicles is too great and concentrate on shooting down the Alien Transports.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia

Alien Fast Attack Ship

  • Size: medium
  • Top Speed: 20
  • Acceleration: 5
  • Weapon Slots: 1
  • Weapons: Medium Disruptor Beam
  • Constitution (Disabled): 500 (150)
  • Armour¹: 10/5/10/10/10/12
  • Modules: Small Disruption Shield
  • Chassis Weight: 4000
  • First Appearance: Week 2
  • Score: 200

¹ Armour values are for: Top/Front/Left/Right/Rear|Under

Apoc ufo4 icon.png

Alien Fast Attack Ships (UFO Type 4) are used often for combat support and escort of other UFOs. This UFO will escort any craft which has a role of infiltration but will not partake in the infiltration. Other roles for the Fast Attack Ship include Bomb Building and Alien Search.

Cityscape Combat
This UFO has the latest type of beam weapon, the Medium Disruptor Beam, which is a potent threat to X-Com craft. The fast attack ship is so called because it is the quickest UFO available. It uses this fast speed to easily avoid missiles and other slower projectiles which diminishes the effectiveness of all missiles and small cannons (eg: 40mm, 52mm) however, its speed advantage is reduced when nearby its escort target which it then becomes easier to disable or destroy. If there are no UFOs needing escort duty, the UFO once again becomes an agile and evasive target, quickly escaping into the dimension gates. To effectively engage this UFO, attack any Fast Attack Ships first and only after they are near their target UFO. Once (one is) disabled, attack the vunerable infiltrator UFOs. If research of this UFO is already known, it can be ignored since it does need to be destroyed (it does not do infiltration missions) unless it is a target of opportunity or needing more alien craft weapons or small shields.

Crash Recovery

Door Location: South

The crash-recovery battlescape shows the brown UFO has impacted the ground and slid northwards into some hills on the western edge, leaving a long and very wide trench behind.
Access into the UFO is via a small door on the south side, within the wide tranch.

Battlescape Combat
The crash recovery battlescape is six levels high.
The Fast Attack Ship's door opens onto the large open trench which has minimal cover. Agents positioned on both sides of the ridge allow easy engagement of any alien stepping through the door.
The UFO roof is accessible to ground-based units via the hill on the western side but will also allow aliens to start on the roof. The tunnel within the large hill contains a narrow grav-lift which allows units to reach the peak to overlook the UFO roof if the slope-access section is destroyed.
Entrance into the Fast Attack Ship is via a short corridor which can become a choke point when aliens move down the grav-lift. Further down the corridor, it opens to left and right passages which can turn into an crossfire ambush, including being attacked from above by other aliens in hiding when passing by the central grav-lift or the two others. Level two is compact with some short corridors whereas Level three is an open platform floor style which can be deadly from weapons fire from multiple directions for any agent clearing out the UFO. If on the roof, a hole in the exact center will limit effectiveness of aliens ready and waiting.
The Fast Attack Ship is not used for infiltration. It is very common for all aliens to swarm out of the UFO at once to agressively attack X-Com agents.
Oddity: one tile near the roof access slope is misplaced.

A succesfully recovered Fast Attack Ship will provide weapons, devices, and sub-systems for further research or to sell.

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