Alien Life Forms (EU2012)

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There are a number of Alien Life Forms to be encountered by XCOM during the Great Invasion, each with a unique set of strengths, weaknesses and abilities. Know thy enemy Commander; your soldiers' lives depend on it. For detailed info in the type and number of aliens present during missions check Alien Deployment.

The intentions behind the aliens' invasion of Earth haven't been yet fully determined. To review all of the available data please check Alien Objectives (*SPOILERS*).

All weapons carried by the aliens explode when they are killed. Captured weapons are indistinguishable from built weapons of the same type.

Head red 2.png XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012): Aliens
Aliens:SectoidFloaterThin ManOutsiderMutonChryssalidZombieSectoid CommanderCyberdiscHeavy FloaterBerserkerSectopodDroneMuton EliteEtherealUber Ethereal (*Spoilers*)Mechtoid (EW DLC)Seeker (EW DLC)
Alien Corpses:Sectoid CorpseFloater CorpseThin Man CorpseMuton CorpseChryssalid CorpseDrone WreckCyberdisc WreckSectoid Commander CorpseHeavy Floater CorpseBerserker CorpseMuton Elite CorpseSectopod WreckEthereal CorpseSeeker Wreck (EW DLC)Mechtoid Core (EW DLC)
Data:Overview of AliensAlien StatsAlien ObjectivesAlien Deployment