Alien Life Forms (TFTD)

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There exist many alien races (species) in Terror From The Deep. Some are cretaceous creatures... some are aliens. Here you will find the most basic info on the hostile species of the Second Alien War.

Weapon-Carrying Aliens

Also known as Armed Combatants, these are the mainstay of the alien invasion. In every mission, X-COM will face one of these alien races. They are almost always armed with manufactured weapons, though some also have innate melee or Molecular Control attacks.

For an overview of their equipment, see: Alien Weapon Loadouts (TFTD).

Terror Units

Terror Units are more specialized and use innate attacks. As their name implies, they accompany the Weapon-Carrying Aliens on Terror Missions and when assaulting X-COM bases, but can also be found defending important alien sites and their largest subs. None are M.C. capable, but most are extremely resistant to such attacks.

For information on which Terror Units accompany which alien race, see: Terror Units (TFTD).

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