Alien Mothership (Apocalypse)

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The Mothership is an extremely large, well equipped vessel. It is armed with a Heavy Disruptor Beam, Disruptor Multi-Bombs and Stasis Field Bombs. It represents a very serious threat to the city because its purpose seems to be mass destruction rather than infiltration. If the Aliens become desperate they will deploy this craft to raze the city to the ground. They must be stopped at all costs.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia

Alien Mothership


¹ Armour values are for: Top/Front/Left/Right/Rear|Under

Apoc ufo10 icon.png

Motherships (UFO Type 10) are used for all mission types: Infiltration, Bombing, and Alien Search but does not escort other UFOs. It is the only UFO capable of starting Overspawn Terror missions.

Cityscape Combat
The Alien Mothership is the command craft of the Alien menace. The heavy beam weapon along with two types of missile launchers is capable of destroying any single X-Com craft one-on-one. Its constitution is more than triple of any medium UFO before it and it can infest Mega-Primus with a large amount of aliens, flatten any building, drop a large squad of aliens in an X-Com base, drop a single Overspawn terror unit anywhere within Mega-Primus ...and survive long enough to return to the alien dimension. This UFO is a formidable threat.
Massive firepower from all X-Com craft from multiple directions fighting in unison against this behemoth exactly the same as fighting an Alien Battleship. The Mothership has more constitutuion but less armor.

Crash Recovery

Door Location: North

The crash-recovery battlescape shows the purple UFO has lightly impacted the ground and slid southwards through an unused mining tunnel, coming to a stop just short of some abandoned buildings along a road. The trench is very wide and has only scoured the top grass section. The trench is at level two with no cover. Access into the UFO is only possible by a large door facing north.

Battlescape Combat
The crash recovery battlescape is seven levels high.
The Mothership's single door is easily covered by agents on both trench ridges, offset slightly to limit crossfire. A crater may from from explosives use. Once inside, the grav-lift and the ante-chamber is easily attacked from above from all positions. The whole floorplan of the UFO is all the same level of one level high near the perimeter and two levels high in the central arena. The large fuel supply rooms can detonate easily from errant weapons fire which results in hull breech. Ammuntion is stored in small alcoves off the corridors.

Oddity: This UFO is smaller in physical size and has less floorspace than the previous large UFO. The trend of bigger-and-better for every new UFO type does not continue with this one which may indicate that aliens are using this UFO for combat missions instead of its intended purpose as a mobile command UFO. Dimension Shifters (cut content) are visible the eastern part of the large floorplan.

A succesfully recovered Mothership will provide weapons, devices, and sub-systems for further research or to sell.

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