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The Aliens Plan

Temple Ship Elder 1 (EU2012).png

The data brought back from the Temple Ship mission contains all of what is known about the aliens intentions regarding Earth and humankind. While it is certain that the aliens wanted to test humanity for its combat and psionic potential, none is known about their final purpose behind their experimentation. Below is a transcription of the telepathic messages sent by the Uber Ethereal, as reported back by the Volunteer to HQ during the last mission.

Psi Candidate Chosen

  • "At long last... YOU have succeeded... where WE have failed."

Intro Temple Ship 01

  • "You hear our voice, New One, now listen well..."

Intro Temple Ship 02

  • "The Gift is more than just power- it is THE power - to reach beyond the boundaries of your physical form. If you are to control it, you must embrace it."

Intro Temple Ship 03

  • "Long have we watched... and waited. So many promising subjects, so many failed efforts. And now, after untold trials, the new one emerges to face the rigors of our collective... An enduring physical form, paired with an equally adept mental capacity - the rarest of traits, finally within our grasp."

1st Rift Used By Volunteer

  • "It is as we had hoped... the New One has surpassed all that have come before... and with such great confidence... so skilled with the Gift."

Temple Ship 1st Soldier Killed

  • "The New One's kin falls, and our fear grows, as we question the worthiness of our selection..."
Temple Ship Elder 2 (EU2012).png

Soldier Killed 01

  • "Another of the favored brood falls... as does our confidence - the failures of the past should be no threat... to that which will become... the future."

Soldier Killed 02

  • "Weakness... we did not expect this ... weakness... another of the new breed fails to pass..."

Soldier Killed 03

  • "Were we... mistaken... Could be this be another failure in the face of such promise? How can the New One's pack fall to these... lesser beings..."

Soldier Killed 04

  • "What end is this... so close to success, and yet they fall... they continue to fall..."

Soldier Killed 05

  • "And so it has come to pass... our highest hope, our closest match, and still they join a long line of failures..."


  • "The New One faces the earliest effort of the Ethereal Ones, the first... failure. Though possessed of a certain... brilliance... they are marred by their cowardice and frailty... which made them cruel... and ultimately useless."


  • "Another attempt, this one inspired. Two subjects, each with a glaring weakness - brought together in the hopes of a symbiotic strength. And yet, this newfound power left them devoid of higher thought, lacking in comprehension. Another... useless effort."

Temple Ship 1st Room Cleared

  • "Long was our search... and now... with success so close at hand... we witness the fruits of our endeavor..."
Temple Ship Elder 3 (EU2012).png


  • "The new one faces a great foe, and an equally great... disappointment. When their organic form failed to evolve... it was given the strength of a machine, creating this... merciless, fearless, killer... A fate worse than death."


  • "A curious endeavor... the search for the Gift in the most... unsavory of beings. They were little more than insects when their uplift began... and in their failure, became the most dangerous of predators... incapable of direction, understanding, they were deemed fit only to breed and die."

Temple Ship 2nd Room Cleared

  • "The new one continues to surge... to prove that this was the worthy path, that we were justified in our efforts. This will bring about our redemption, and usher in our future..."

Thin Man

  • "A valiant effort... A being of intelligence and exceptional loyalty, easily adapted to serve our needs. Still, despite such great hopes... They were unable to embrace the Gift... Another wasted example."


  • "Now... The New One confronts a greater threat - a rare strength, found in an easily controlled breed. And yet, they are incapable of brilliance, of independence... they will never be more than primitive warriors... serving only to fight, and die, as did those who came before them."


  • "An artificial warrior... created to supplement the limitations of the many... failures. Crafted with a singular purpose... it ultimately contributes little to our cause. Still, there is hope, as the New One approaches..."
Temple Ship Elder 4 (EU2012).png

Temple Ship 3rd Room Cleared

  • "When the others sought to enslave these races, we moved to uplift them, to create perfection where none was found."

Entering Final Chamber

  • "The New One approaches... the ultimate disappointment... So strong in the Gift they became... their physical form decayed... and yet they failed... to break free of its confines... their uplift... incomplete."

Temple Ethereals

  • "The hunt draws to a close. It was not a vain undertaking... but a necessity, as our physical form has grown... ineffective. Our search for the perfect specimen was driven by our own crippling limitation, and now, at long last..."

The Temple Ship_01

  • "Behold the greatest failure... of the Ethereal Ones... We who failed to ascend as they thought we would."

The Temple Ship 02

  • "We who were cast out. We who were doomed to feed on the Gift of lesser beings... as we sought to uplift them... to prepare them... for what lies ahead."
Temple Ship Elder 5 (EU2012).png

1st Ethereal Killed

  • "This is not your path! Not your purpose! You need our guidance to hone this power... without us, what are you?"

Ultimate Ethereal Wounded

  • "No! This is not the way! So much time, so many failures, and now? Our greatest success... Our only success... We failed to grasp the consequences..."

Ultimate Ethereal Near Death

  • "The search... the trials... this is how it ends... our question answered... but the New One and his kin... are doomed... without our guiding hand..."

Sources (Game Files)

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