Alien Scout Ship (Apocalypse)

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General Information

Apoc ufo2.png

Like the Alien Probe, the Alien Scout Ship (UFO Type 2) is an unmanned and relatively harmless vessel that does not have any serious impact on the research. However, one major difference is that Scout Ship can and will drop alien raiders into the city buildings. Although it is usually a good idea to destroy them before they do so, you might want to let them drop the troops so you can capture them and their equipment. The raiding party apparently dies a slow (or fast), horrible, and incredibly painful death if the Scout Ship is shot down, so you don't have to fight for the wreck.

Cityscape Information

Scout Ship

Other Notes


Top Speed12
WeaponsLight Disruptor Beam
Weapon Power20
Weapon Range150
EquipmentSmall Disruption Shield
Score points100
Infiltration Force3 Multiworm Eggs, 1 Anthropod, 2 Brainsuckers, 2 Multiworms, 5 Spitters

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