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The alien craft in X-Com Apocalypse are airbourne biological constructs grown in a hostile otherworld. Ugly Fungus Organisms.

UFO: Unidentified Flying Object

The alien menace has ten UFO craft in which to invade Mega-Primus, each equipped with a strange beam or missile weapon.
UFOs should be all shot down (disabled) or destroyed if possible to slow the incessant invasion of the city. Crashed UFOs must be recovered to learn more about these strange flying ships, the aliens they contain, and the exotic technology within.

UFO Disabled & Recovery

If a UFO is critically damaged, the craft will be disabled (the image of the UFO changes to a distorted and cracked appearance) and will fall out of the sky and impact the ground in a clear area and start smoking.

  • Any crash landed UFO can be recovered by any airbourne X-Com vehicle which has an agent onboard via either button: "Attack Hostile Unit" or "Go To Map Point". If no agents are present, the X-Com vehicle will land on the UFO's roof then immediately take off and return to base. The UFO will remain on the ground.
  • Any manned UFOs (medium and large types) will start a crash-recovery mission as soon as the X-Com vehicle, manned with a large extermination force of heavily armed X-Com agents, touches the UFO's roof.
  • Road vehicles cannot reach a downed UFO, even if it crash landed on the road.
  • Other organisations and their vehicles, eg: Rescue Transport, do not interact with any crashed UFO in any fashion.
  • Any damaged or destroyed UFO components will be recovered after successful UFO recovery. Only one weapon of each or device only.
  • The aliens must first use the device (not weapons), eg: shields used in the cityscape, before one can be recovered by X-Com. Device appearance and use depends only on "UFOs Shot Down" score whereas hand-held equipment used by the aliens (Anthropod or Skeletoid) depends on "Total Tactical Battlescape Missions" score.
  • Any crash-landed UFO ignored by X-Com will eventually disappear from the cityscape with no other effect.
eg: aliens do not travel to the nearest building to seek refuge infiltrate.
  • Any alien on the crash-recovery battlescape which managed to escape via blue-exit-tiles is declared dead, irrelevant of misison outcome. They do not survive and de-brief score is not adjusted regarding total aliens killed.
  • If X-Com attempts to recover the alien craft and fails (escape, abort, or all agents dead), the remaining aliens will immediately destroy all traces of the craft and themselves. The crash recovery attempt is only possible once.

When reverse-engineering is complete, advanced craft of X-Com's own design can be built and when ready, able to match any UFO in combat.

Overhead UFO Battlescape

Entrance doors of UFOs are displayed as bright white, small rectangles in overhead view. Any door is always two-wide, shown closed as two white rectangles side-by-side. Doors can vary in height and will be either: small = one-level-high door or large = two-levels-high door. All door entrances at the start of the recovery mission are accessible by ground-based agents and aliens.

Alternative Access

A hull breech in the side or a hole in the roof is an alternative entry point into any UFO. An unexpected direction of attack from X-Com forces can surprise aliens waiting in ambush or bypass restrictive movement areas.
Missile weapons on the roof or beam weapons on the side present a weak spot in the hull integrity and if destroyed, typically allow easy access to the floorplan to flying agents. A hole in the roof in the exact middle of any UFO shape allows access to the central grav-lift which then can be used for agent entry or as a 'disposal chute' for armed grenades. Some UFO roof sections may be too high for access unless powerful explosives are used to clear the excess roof tiles. A minor error may be encountered on some tall UFOs.

Chart: UFO Equipment

UFO Armor1 Constitution
Top Speed Acceleration Weapons Devices2 Primary
UFO Type 1 Probe2/2/2/2/2/280/15148Light Disruptor Beam-Escort50
UFO Type 2 Scout Ship5/2/5/5/5/5120/35122Light Disruptor BeamSmall Disruption ShieldInfiltration100
UFO Type 3 Transporter6/4/6/6/6/8400/15082Light Disruptor BeamSmall Disruption ShieldInfiltration150
UFO Type 4 Fast-Attack Ship10/5/10/10/10/12500/150205Medium Disruptor BeamSmall Disruption ShieldEscort200
UFO Type 5 Destroyer14/16/14/14/14/12600/200123Disruptor Bomb LauncherSmall Disruption Shield
Alien Search250
UFO Type 6 Assault Ship8/12/8/8/8/4850/20082Medium Disruptor BeamSmall Disruption Shield
Cloaking Field
UFO Type 7 Bomber15/15/15/15/15/8700/100143Disruptor Multi-Bomb Launcher
Light Disruptor Beam
Large Disruption Shield
Cloaking Field
UFO Type 8 Escort Ship20/20/20/20/20/20500/80164Stasis Bomb LauncherLarge Disruption Shield
Cloaking Field
UFO Type 9 Battleship17/17/17/17/17/171800/300121Heavy Disruptor Beam
Disruptor Bomb Launcher
Large Disruption Shield
UFO Type 10 Mothership15/10/15/15/15/152800/35081Heavy Disruptor Beam
Disruptor Multi-Bomb Launcher
Stasis Bomb Launcher
Large Disruption Shield
Overspawn Overspawn17/17/17/17/17/171800/041--Demolition400

1 Armor values: Top, Front, Left, Right, Rear, Under. Armor value within the UFOpedia entry is the sum of all sections.
2 Appearance of equipment depends on X-Com's "UFOs Shot Down" score.
An Overspawn is listed within the chart since it is classed as a vehicle.

Important: One particular UFO must be shot down and successfully recovered for the game to proceed to completion.

Alien Craft Components

Any successful UFO crash recovery mission will enable X-Com to research their craft technologies. One each of the devices listed is recovered automatically from the first successful (medium or large) crash recovery. These are only needed once to enable further research. These UFO components are not used for anything else and cannot be sold:

Crash Recovery Battlescape Mismatch

  • Alien craft devices (weapons: beam and missile, devices: shields, cloak and teleporter) appearing on any battlescape do not match up with what the UFO uses in cityscape combat.

eg: A Destroyer does not have any shield modules anywhere on the battlescape tactical map but will use them when flying about the cityscape.

  • A UFO must first use the device before X-Com may recover it. Appearance of more advanced devices is dependant on X-Com's "UFOs Shot Down" score.
  • Missile weapons are the launchers only. No ammunition is recovered. Research of the weapon includes the ammunition type.


Quantity denotes how many are present on the battlescape.

  • ♥ Present on the craft when cityscape fighting, and one will be recovered (irrelevant of damage) if crash recovery is successful.
  • ♣ Present on battlescape only, and if not used in cityscape fighting, will not be recovered (irrelevant of quantity seen within the UFO).
UFO Small Shield Large Shield Cloak Teleporter Dimension Shifter ♠
Transporter 6 ♥ - - - -
Fast Attack 4 ♥ - - - -
Destroyer - ♥ - - 4 ♥ -
Assault - ♥ - 8 ♥ 2 ♥ -
Bomber - 4 ♥ 6 ♥ - ♥ -
Escort - 4 ♥ 6 ♥ - ♥ -
Battleship - 12 ♥ - 4 ♥ 8 ♣
Mothership - 8 ♥ 16 ♣ - ♥ 6 ♣

♠ This device has been cut from the final version and is not recoverable or researchable.

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