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For the TFTD version, see Alien Stats (TFTD).

The information on this page was gathered from Zombie's excellent page at Strategy Core and the Excel files that can be found there.

For historical discussion and background info on alien stats, see this page's Discussion tab

Core statistics

These statistics are found in the executable of the game (except for Zombies). (GEOSCAPE.EXE for DOS versions, and X-COM UFO Defense for the Windows version)

Alien Race/Rank TU Sta He Br Rea FA TA Str PST PSK Armor EnR VPS Agg Mel Int Height
Fr L/R Re Un St Kn
Floater Soldier509035805050584035086412301227042116
Floater Navigator509035805050584035086412301427052116
Floater Medic509035805050584035086412301617062116
Floater Engineer509035805050584035086412301827072116
Floater Leader55954080606058474001612812302507082116
Floater Commander6010045806663654845024181216303507682116
Sectoid Soldier54903080635258304004322301027631612
Sectoid Navigator54903080635258304004322301227641612
Sectoid Medic54903080635258304004322301417651612
Sectoid Engineer54903080635258304004322301627661612
Sectoid Leader549030806352583050504322302017671612
Sectoid Commander549030806352583050604322302507681612
Snakeman Soldier408045804558654740020181612301525421818
Snakeman Navigator408045804558654740020181612301725431818
Snakeman Engineer408045804558654740020181612302025441818
Snakeman Leader408045805565654745020242220302825451818
Snakeman Commander458455806558654750026262220303625461818
Ethereal Soldier6896558075748048504035353535402018562015
Ethereal Leader6896558075748048604540404040403018572015
Ethereal Commander6896558075748048655045454545404018582015
Muton Soldier5690125806054627025020202010401527822116
Muton Navigator5690125806054627025024242415401727832116
Muton Engineer5690125806054627025028282820401927842116


  • TU: The number of Time Units the alien has per turn.
  • Sta: Stamina (or Energy).
  • He: Health.
  • Br: Bravery.
  • Rea: Reactions.
  • FA: Firing Accuracy.
  • TA: Throwing Accuracy.
  • Str: Strength
  • PST: Psionic Strength.
  • PSK: Psionic Skill.
  • Fr, L/R, Re, Un: Front, Left/Right, Rear and Under armor.
  • EnR: Energy Recharge. This number represents how fast a unit will recover Energy lost due to movement.
  • VPS: The number of Victory Points X-COM will get for killing that alien.
  • Agg: Aggression is a number between 0 and 2. The larger the value, the more aggressive the alien will be. High ranking aliens usually prefer to stay concealed, rather than get involved in a raging fire-fight..
  • Mel: (Also known as CCBA or Close Combat Base Accuracy). This number acts as the accuracy for hand-to-hand combat attacks.
  • Int: Intelligence of the alien ranked from 2-8. This number correponds to the number of turns the alien will remember the location of your troops.
  • St, Kn: Standing, Kneeling height.

Calculating statistics

Statistic Percentage
Health 0%
Bravery 0%
Throwing Accuracy 0%
Energy Recharge 0%
Victory Points 0%
Aggression 0%
Intelligence 0%
Standing 0%
Kneeling Height 0%
Time Units 4%
Stamina/Energy 4%
Reactions 6%
Firing Accuracy 6%*
Strength 2%
Psionic Strength 4%
Psionic Skill 4%
Melee (aka CCBA) 4%

NOTE: Statistics with 0 percentage are constant and therefore do not change with difficulty level

To find a statistic which increases by a constant amount, the game adjusts the core value by a percentage which is dependent upon a skill level "multiplier". Generally, the Beginner skill level numbers match the core group exactly so no modification is necessary. This multiplier (referred to as SLM) is the same value for the difficulty stored in IGLOB.DAT (if patched) They are reproduced to the right.
Difficulty SLM
Beginner 0
Experienced 1
Veteran 2
Genius 3
Superhuman 4


This equation gives the statistic for any of the statistics to the left. The core values are in the table above. Credit goes to Zombie (the user, not the unit) for discovery of this (and about everything on this page).

Skill Value = INT(Core Value * (100 + (Percentage * SLM)) / 100)

Firing Accuracy*
Beginner level aliens have a firing accuracy one-half the core value. Experienced through Superhuman skill levels are modified by a 6% change per level increase.

Beginner level aliens have an armor rating of one-half the core value. Higher skill levels just receive the core value with no percentage adjustment.


  • Zombie stats are not listed in the executable where the normal aliens are situated. Not only that, but their stats do not change as the skill level increases. For more information on this oddity, see the Editing Alien Stats heading on this page.
  • Civilian stats are also constants and do not change.
  • Chryssalids which are spawned in a mission by the game have stats modified in the normal way. However, Chryssalids which hatch from Zombies have all their stats set to their core, regardless of current difficulty level.

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