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* [[Alien_Life_Forms_(Apocalypse)|Alien Life Forms]]
* [[Alien_Life_Forms_(Apocalypse)|Alien Life Forms]]
* [[Agents_Stats_(Apocalypse)|Agent's Stats]] (contains descriptions of all stats)
* [[Agents_Stats_(Apocalypse)|Agent's Stats]] (contains descriptions of all stats)
* [[Population_(Apocalypse)|Population]] (info on human adversaries)
[[Category: Apocalypse]]
[[Category: Apocalypse]]
[[Category: Aliens (Apocalypse)]]
[[Category: Aliens (Apocalypse)]]

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The following is a list of stats for Alien and Human opponents you may face in Apocalypse. The data is from the game files (viewed using the Apoc'd tool), so bear in mind that some stats will be adjusted according to the difficulty level.

Enemy type Speed Health Stamina Reactions Strength Bravery Psi Energy Psi Attack Psi Defence Accuracy Armor VPS
Multiworm Egg30804024100001006054
Micronoid Aggregate3080403030075658560015
Megapol Officer60-7540-5040-6010-5030-5040-805-205-2015-3545-6518-2510
Security Guard60-7540-5040-6010-5030-5040-805-205-2020-5040-6016-2010


  • VPS refers to the amount added to your score when you kill an Alien or Human opponent of that type. Civilians don't count, even though they're supposedly worth 10.
  • Aliens with Bravery 0 never panic.
  • The Anthropod seems to have an Accuracy rating of 0, but it can still use weapons - the stat becomes slightly higher after difficulty level adjustment.
  • Unlike in the first two games, your opponents have no ranks.
  • The stats of Human opponents are randomized, just like your own agents.
  • Armor values vary according to body part.
  • In-game speed is not the same as in the game files (TO DO: figure out how this works).
  • In-game Accuracy is 100 minus the number stored in the game files. This has already been adjusted in the table above.
  • In-game Stamina is only half that given in the game files. This has also been adjusted in the table.
  • The game data contains several unused units, such as Police Chief, Gang Boss, Politician, Cult Leader, Corporate Hood etc.

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