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Each vessel has a chameleon-like structure, carefully modelled on sea creatures, and constructed of Aqua Plastics. Each submarine functions as an organism: crew and craft in harmony. Most of these systems can be replicated and a hybrid technology can be evolved to allow us to move up to the same technological level.

This item appears in Terror from the Deep. For the UFO: Enemy Unknown equivalent, refer to UFO Construction.

USO construction img.png
Grunge1 24.png
Organic1 15.png
Uint2 16.png

Additional Information

Alien Sub Construction modules can be obtained by recovering the modules pictured in the Magnetic Navigation in-game UFOpedia entry (as pictured above). They can be sold for $20,000 each.

There's a research bug where finishing research of the prerequisite technologies (Zrbite and Transmission Resolver) without getting a sample prevents research of this item in the future, making the game unwinnable.

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