Alien Sub Crash Recovery

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Alien Sub Crash Recovery

Alien Sub Crash Recovery

EXTREME CAUTION: - There will be Aliens in the submarine and around the site. This mission will be completed when all enemy units have been eliminated or neutralised. Recovery of Alien Sub remains, technology and alien corpses can then be initiated.

Source: Terror From the Deep Mission Briefing Screen

General Information

As per the mission briefing text, a sub crash recovery involves sending a team of aquanauts to the crash site and initiate a recovery of the sub and its equipment by killing or stunning all of its remaining crew.

The mission is essentially identical to an Alien Submarine Assault with the exception that some of the Ion Beam Accelerators in the submarine are randomly pre-exploded when the map is generated. This damages a lot of the internals of the submarine and more often than not create severe external hull damage. This makes alternate access points into the sub, and also more places that its crew can attack from.

The extent of the damage will vary from mission to mission and is not influenced by how much damage was done to the sub when it was shot down.

Alien crew that start the mission near the Ion Beam Accelerators may be killed. More durable aliens may survive but will be badly injured. With a lesser crew to fight, crash recovery missions tend to be shorter but should still be considered dangerous.

Auto Recovery

As a special case, if all aliens are killed in the Subcrash, an "Auto recovery" will be initiated - all alien equipment is recovered without the need to perform a tactical mission.

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