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The primary mission of this craft is to deposit Alien life forms inside city buildings. This represents a serious challenge for our ground forces, but if they can be shot down before they unload their passengers, then the problem will be minimized. The craft is armed with the same beam weapon as the Scout Ships or Probes, but it is slower moving and an easier target to hit.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia

Alien Transporter

  • Size: medium
  • Top Speed: 8
  • Acceleration: 2
  • Weapon Slots: 1
  • Weapons: Light Disruptor Beam
  • Constitution (Disabled): 400 (150)
  • Armour¹: 6/4/6/6/6/8
  • Modules: Small Disruption Shield
  • Chassis Weight: 5000
  • First Appearance: Week 2
  • Score: 150

¹ Armour values are for: Top/Front/Left/Right/Rear/Bottom

Apoc ufo3 icon.png

The Alien Transporter (UFO Type 3) is the first of the larger style of UFOs the aliens have developed. This craft is used to infiltrate lifeforms into Mega-Primus. It is not used for any other mission style.

Cityscape Combat
A Transporter is a comparable to an Alien Scout Ship with its weapon and device loadout, however this craft has much stronger damage tolerance but only slightly better armour. This UFO is slow and vunerable when many X-Com vehicles are swarming in aerial battle. A small shield for more protection will be used in the future. Transporters are often escorted by more combat capable UFOs for protection and distraction.

Crash Recovery

Door Locations: North & South

The crash-recovery battlescape shows the purple UFO has slid westwards into sparsely wooded grasslands and has scoured a trench with debris on fire. Access into the UFO is via two large doors, north and south, level with the grass.

Battlescape Combat
The crash recovery battlescape is eight levels high.
The two large doors provide equal egress which governs splitting your agents into two squads to cover each side of the UFO. Beware of crossfire. Check the bunker in the south for aliens before entry into the UFO. The sewer pipe in the northwest is never used by aliens and can be ignored.
The central grav-lift is the only way up into higher levels. Beware of any threat inside the hole at its base or any aliens firing from above. The corridor at the top has an elevated section on both sides with brown 'fencing'. A flying agent can find a way through the fence to scout for aliens waiting in ambush. Agents (ground based) within the corridor can only move south to the window, or north. The corridor northwards will end which will expose agents to crossfire from aliens either side of this open area. Kill or stun any remaining threats. Chrysalises are harmless, eggs not so much.

Oddity: Perpetual Fire: The fire on the south edge of the trench will spread until it self extinguishes at the north-east corner (it takes 40minutes, 14seconds to die). Any debris (not grass) from the crash landing will ignite from the passing fire, burn, spread and die down as expected. The previously burnt debris will then ignite again from the adjacent on-fire tile - never dying. The debris from the sewer pipe, the piles against the UFO hull and debris streaks parallel with the trench are all perpetual fires.

A succesfully recovered and researched Transporter enables X-Com to design advanced combat vehicles and will also provide weapons, devices, and sub-systems for further research or to sell.

The game cannot be completed if this UFO is never successfully recovered for research.

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