Aliens Own Earth

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Aliens Own Earth


This article describes how to create a scenario where the game is much more challenging. The Aliens begin the game in a very dominant position in Earth. Doing this lets you play a game where the aliens already own the Earth and you have an uphill battle to get Earth back.

In order to play this game, you first need to work through a campaign specially designed to create lots of Alien bases. You then manipulate some game save files in order to move all these Alien bases 'back in time' to the start of a new game. The new game is "Aliens Own Earth".

Pre-Game Campaign

To get +20 alien bases onto the surface of earth, you have to edit some things to make the gameplay go alot faster. You don't want to play the game through properly. Forget research and manufacturing, training etc. Using a savegame editor, you'd want to:

  • give yourself 200mil. and build seven more bases spread around the globe.
  • edit the layouts of the eight bases to contain hangers, stores, detection, alien fuel, hand weapons, armour etc.
  • buy 6 fighter craft then use an editor to change all craft to Avenger/Leviathan and give them plasma/sonic weapons.
  • use an editor to change hitpoints of ALL alien craft to 25, and speed to 1000. Change X-COM craft to 1000 hitpoints and 10000 speed and 500 fuel. It may help to decrease the weapon range of some of the UFO/USO.
  • buy 10 soldiers for each base and change their states to 100 (or thereabouts)
  • edit diplomacy so that you get 100mil per month. It will adjust naturally thereafter.

Fast Gameplay

The only way to get through this pre-game setup campaign quickly is to shoot and destroy (not crash land) the alien craft. Since the hitpoints of a Battleship/Dreadnaught is only 25, it will take one shot from the X-COM craft to blow it up. Also:

  • if you have a UFO on a mission to scout for an alien base location, don't shoot it down. Let it go and you'll have a base building squadron appear earlier. Look for the alien base once you think its built and then you can go after the squadron.
  • if you have an alien craft looking for your base, let it go until you have the VERY LARGE types appear. Shoot these down for big score bonuses.
  • you are playing the game for a positive score at the end of the month. Large and Very Large ufos give the biggest scores when destroyed. You can ignore the rest. For the reason the more you shoot down the more you'll have to deal with retaliation missions later on. The objective is to survive until the next month and letting aliens build bases. You can ignore terror sites as well if your score permits this.

Over 20 Alien Bases

Once you have over 20 alien bases (and under 25), go thru and sack everyone except 8 soldiers at your first base. These eight soldiers are your defending force if you miss an alien craft attacking you first base. They are not necessary, but just in case. Once you have seven undefended bases, remove the Mind/MC Shield and let the aliens destroy these bases. You might have to shoot down many more alien craft before the aliens start getting annoyed. Once you have one base left, remove the soldiers from any transport crafts and save your game and exit. Use an editor to change the craft back to terran types and replace the weapons with the default starting weapons (stingrayX6,avalanchX3 or ajaxX6,DUPX3).
Cut CRAFT.DAT, LOC.DAT, and BASE.DAT from the savegame folder and then make a copy of these files as a backup.

Copy Files to Create New Campaign

Insert the LOC.DAT, CRAFT.DAT and BASE.DAT files into a fresh new game savegame folder, and you'll have all the alien bases from the old game present in a new game.

NOTE: If you plan on overwriting the new with old, you must remove the soldiers from any and all transport craft before you copy the files over to the new savegame folder. Doing so will stop any 'ghost' soldiers remaining on the transport craft when you go to equip it. Alternatively, you can copy the SOLDIER.DAT file from the old location.

Start a new game and plunk your first base down anywhere. Remove the eight agents assigned to the tranport craft in this new game, then save and exit. Copy the three files into this savegame folder.

Note: It may help to make new install of the game because you have edited the previous installation, unless you want to go thru the old install and revert the editing.

Playing the New Campaign

Now LOAD from the savegame folder where you put the "Aliens Own Earth" files. This new game from the very start has now got 20+ aliens bases scattered over the globe. Everything else (money, technology, X-Com bases) is set to the normal starting levels. Enjoy your (short) time as an X-Com Commander!

Game Editors

See this page for a list of tools to use to edit game files.