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City 31 is divided into nine distinct neighborhoods, or Districts. Each District has an individual Unrest meter (0-5) that measures the District’s atmosphere. When citizens feel unsafe or crime is on the rise, Unrest increases. Completing Missions and Situations in a District or deploying a Field Team to that District decrease Unrest. If a District’s Unrest maxes out, conflict erupts, and Chimera Squad may need to take emergency action. Unrest rises faster on higher difficulties.

Unrest is increased by:

  • Ignoring the Missions (as well as Situations at Act 2-3).
  • Letting Civilians die in any way during Missions.
  • Districts with Investigation Mission will generate 1 Unrest every day until this Mission is completed.


The city has an overall measure of agitation called the Anarchy meter. If Unrest in any District reaches level 5, it will raise city Anarchy. If the Anarchy meter maxes out - meaning if it's 14 (or 19 with Extended City Anarchy option) sections are filled - Chimera Squad will fail, and your game will end. The more Districts are at maximum Unrest, the faster Anarchy will accumulate (1 Anarchy point per day per level 5 Unrest District, maximum 9 Anarchy points per day if all Districts are at maximum Unrest). Also, maximum Unrest Districts do generate Critical Missions, which usually reward in reducing Unrest.

Removing Unrest

To remove Unrest otherwise you can:

  • Complete Missions in the District
  • Use Vigilance Team Fields ability (removes 1 plus the Rank of the Field Team in this District, if present)
  • Complete Humanitarian Aid Spec Op (removes 1 Unrest at all Districts)
  • Build Rank 3 Security Field Team in the District (automatically removes 2 Unrest in the District every Friday)

Removing Anarchy

One way to remove city Anarchy is the Major Crimes Task Force Field Teams ability. Be sure not to allow raising Anarchy too high until you have this ability available. Another way to reduce Anarchy is to use Crisis Management from the Spec Ops. It is also initially blocked. In order to unlock this operation, one of your agents must advance to the rank of Senior Agent. The level of Anarchy can also decrease by completing Investigations - by performing plot missions associated with hostile factions.