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Annihilator UFOPedia picture

General Information

Apoc annihilator icon.png

Official Entry: "The ultimate expression of X-COM technology - a mean, fast and devastating craft which, if properly equipped, is more than a match for the biggest Alien attack ships. The Annihilator will help secure X-COM domination of the Alien Dimension."

Cityscape Information

The Annihilator is the final in the line of X-COM interdimensional aircraft. It the heaviest combat aircraft and makes almost every other aircraft in service redundant. It is also the second fastest ship X-COM can own, bested only by the Dimension Probe. A single ship can easily lay the entire UFO fleet to waste - or even Mega-Primus (Theoretically speaking!).

The Annihilator has two 4×2 weapon hard points on its side, and a very large 4×3 forward hard point. This makes it the only aircraft that can carry a Heavy Disruptor Beam .

The Annihilator come with an enormous block of equipment space, covering 5×6 slots in total, making it nearly as flexible as the Bio-Trans. The Annihilator also has default seating for 8 agents.

With the host of powerful weapons and room to store shields that can span anywhere up to 1200 to 1400 extra shield points, a lone Annihilator is a devastatingly powerful aircraft.


Apoc annihilator large.png
Statistics Value
Top Speed18
Weapons Slots4x4 3x4 3x4
Equipment Size6x5
Production Cost$50000
Sale Price$100000
Score points550

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