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Project Icarus Results
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As it turns out, our initial optimism about the design of this particular suit was entirely justified. Having successfully developed a miniaturized version of the alien propulsion modules recovered from the field, we've now successfully integrated this device into a suit of heavy armor. Although we've exceeded the weight of the original Floater specimen these propulsion units were adapted from, we believe our adjustments to the system have actually improved their overall efficiency. As a result of our efforts, this suit is capable of providing limited flight capabilities to the wearer.

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012) Research Archives

Archangel Armor

The Archangel suit combines our heavy armor set with a small propulsion system that allows for limited flight capabilities.

  • Heavy armor
  • Toggle flight mode to initiate flying movement
  • Each turn in flight costs 1 fuel unit
  • The armor carries 6 fuel units; this can be expanded with additional experimental research
  • Flying does not confer the usual elevated-position bonus
Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)


Archangel deco 1.jpg
Research Required Archangel Armor
Base Costs §200
36 Alloys
25 Elerium
35 Engineers
Health +8
Defense +20 (airborne)
Movement 0
Abilities 6 airborne moves
(12 with Advanced Flight)
  • Important: If you run out of fuel over an obstacle that you could normally not walk on (one which does not show a grid such as a box or unwalkable rooftop) your unit will be stuck there unable to move until the mission is over. They will, however, be able to perform actions such as firing, Overwatch, etc.
  • On occasion, you may get stuck in ramps if you attempt to land on one, as well.
  • Flying units get 20 Defense.
  • While flying, you do receive the usual elevation bonuses conferred to a unit that is higher than another. This will also trigger (and stacks with) the Sniper perk 'Damn Good Ground', making this the armor of choice for them.
  • Each move taken with the jet packs on will cost 1 unit of fuel. Just hovering while airborne doesn't cost any fuel.
    • Note: this is "moves taken" not "tiles moved". While flying, you cannot "dash" as you could on the ground, rather you use both actions to move instead of moving the maximum possible distance with just one click. Each move, regardless of if it is one tile or maximum number tiles you can move in one action, will consume 1 unit of fuel. If you run out of fuel, you will neither be stuck, nor simply crash: you will hover in place, and have a 'remaining' fuel unit to land and continue on foot.
  • Toggling flight doesn't cost an action, so if you have need to land, say, a Squad Sight Sniper or a Heavy to get a line of sight, you can still do so and take your first-move-only action.
  • Research benefits from the following Research Credits: Armor Technology, Flight.
  • The Extra Conditioning ability gives +4 HPs when wearing this armor.

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