Armor (Chimera)

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Armor Types

There are no armor items in XCOM: Chimera Squad. Armor is replaced automatically as it is upgraded to Enhanced or Mastercrafted variants. It is used equally by all agents and Androids.

Basic Armor

This initial armor provides no bonuses.

Enhanced Armor

Provides 2 HP, and 1 Utility Item slot.

Mastercrafted Armor

Provides 3 HP, 1 Armor, and 1 Utility Item slot.

Armor Mods

After Modular Armor is researched, there is 1 Armor slot. It can be swapped or uninstalled at any time without destroying the item.

  • Extra Padding: +1 HP
  • Hellweave: 2-4 damage reflected to melee enemy
  • Infiltrator Weave: Adaptable ability (Breach through Vents)
  • Mach Weave: +30 Dodge
  • Mindshield: Immunity to negative mental effects (Disorientation, Stun, Panic, Mind Control)
  • Regen Weave: +2 HP regeneration each turn
  • Bubble Weave: Stasis effect instead of Bleeding Out
  • Plated Vest: +1 Armor
  • Adrenal Weave: First Overwatch fire will miss
  • Hazmat Sealing: immunity to all environmental effects
  • Flux Weave: Immunity to Disorientation and Stun