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Armor is used by XCOM soldiers to provide protection against enemy weapons fire and environmental hazards, along with providing unique abilities to the unit wearing it. All soldiers start wearing Body Armor and research/manufacturing are required to gain access to more advanced armor types. For the equivalent protection worn by MEC Troopers on the Enemy Within DLC see MEC Suits.

Armor Types

Type Health Points Defense Move Extra Abilities
Body Armor +1
Carapace Armor +4
Skeleton Suit +3 +10 +3 Grapple
Titan Armor +10 Fire and poison immunity; (EW DLC) strangulation immunity
Archangel Armor +8 +20* Flight (6 moves, 12 after Foundry upgrade); (EW DLC) fire and poison immunity
Ghost Armor +6 +20 +3 Grapple, Stealth; (EW DLC) fire and poison immunity
Psi Armor +6 +10 +2 +20 Will

Note: the Assault Class ability Extra Conditioning gives an additional armor HP bonus: +1 for the starting armor, +4 to Titan and Archangel armors, and +2 to all others. On the Enemy Within DLC the bonus for Carapace Armor has been increased to +4.

*Archangel Armor provides 20 Defense only when in flight.


Type Cost Elerium Alloys Min Engineers
Carapace Armor 25 0 15 10
Skeleton Suit 30 0 10 15
Titan Armor 150 10 35 25
Archangel Armor 200 35 50 35
Ghost Armor 250 50 40 40
Psi Armor 400 40 20 30
  • Costs listed are base costs. Costs are decreased with additional engineers.


  • Armor can be supplemented by the Nano-Fiber Vest and Chitin Plating equipment slot items which provide additional HPs. On the Enemy Within DLC, Respirator Implants also give +2 HPs.
  • For a soldier to be wounded, their base Health Points must be hit (The green number displayed in their stats screen). Taking damage less than or equal to armor and item bonus HP requires no recovery time.

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