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Armor is used by XCOM soldiers to provide protection against enemy weapons fire and environmental hazards, along with providing unique abilities to the unit wearing it. All soldiers start wearing Kevlar Armor and research/manufacturing are required to gain access to more advanced armor types.

  • The Predator and Warden suits only need to be ordered once from Shen, upon which you will have an unlimited inventory.
  • Also note that, unlike Enemy Unknown/Within, any injuries sustained will result in recovery time: the suits do not have a health 'buffer', save for the Damage Reduction served by the yellow Armor pips of certain suits.
  • It was reported that the difficulty may change the cost of research and manufacturing. Do not take those values as final information.

Armor Types

Type Health Points Armor Points Mobility Dodge Extra Abilities
Kevlar Armor 0
Resistance Warrior Kevlar Armor 0
Predator Armor +4 Provides one additional inventory slot
EXO Suit +5 +1 Allows the soldier to mount a heavy weapon
Spider Suit +4 +1 +20 Grapple module (now doesn't cost an action, but has cooldown)
Warden Armor +6 +1 Provides one additional inventory slot
WAR Suit +6 +2 Allows the soldier to mount a heavy weapon. Grants an ability similar to One For All perk of the MEC trooper.
Wraith Suit +6 0 +2 +25 Allows the soldier to run through obstacles twice per mission. Has a grappling module.


Type Cost Corpses Elerium Cores Alloys Elerium Crystals Est Time
Predator Armor 150 Supply 6 ADVENT Trooper 20
EXO Suit 2 ADVENT Trooper 1 5 5
Spider Suit 2 ADVENT Stun Lancer 1 5 5
WAR Suit 50 Supply 1 10 5
Wraith Suit 50 Supply 1 10 5
  • Predator Armor and Warden Armor are one time purchases.