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Armory displays all agents currently in your squad, as well as their detailed information and current equipment. You can:

  • Choose new abilities for agents who have ranked up - you can level up agents who have collected enough XP by participating in missions. This allows you to unlock a new ability for each agent.
  • Distribute Weapons, Armor, Breach and Utility items - new items must be acquired, by completing Missions or purchased in the Supply or Scavenger Market.
  • Repair damaged Androids.
  • View agent's stats.
  • Read agent's bios.
  • Tint agent's armor.
  • Remove items from agents not on APC to make them available for those on APC.

All agents can be managed in the Armory, even if they are assigned to another duty elsewhere.



Loadout is the most important aspect of the Armory. It is divided into four groups: Primary Weapon, Armor, Breach item, Utility Item. Loadout is expanded through Assembly research, Supply upgrade, and Training as follows:

Research/Upgrade/Training Loadout Expansion
Modular Weapons (research) +2 Weapon Mod slots
Modular Armor (research) +1 Armor Mod slot
Enhanced Armor Upgrade +1 Utility Item slot
Unlock Potential training (Terminal, Patchwork) +1 Utility Item slot

Note there can be only 1 Utility item of each type: Grenade, Ammo (Rounds), Miscellaneous. For example, if you have equipped Cease Fire Grenade and Nanomedikit, then you replace Nanomedikit with Frag Grenade, the Cease Fire Grenade is automatically removed.