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Mission Objectives
  • Sweep the area of operations
    • Eliminate all opposition
Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)

Occasionally, the Council will ask you to remove all the aliens from a particular area. This mission is nothing more than an Abductions mission assigned to you by the Council. There is no one to escort, no one to rescue, no bombs to deactivate, no alien reinforcements falling from the sky and no civilians involved. These are, with little exception, Thin Men-infested missions: only if it's the first Council mission may it have Sectoids. The Truck Stop mission is always only Sectoids, and the Street Overpass is only Mutons (and thus, not known to appear before the 3rd month, when Mutons normally begin to appear).

The maps have pre-seeded alien squads, which do not move until activated, and will be in the same place in every playthrough. Finding the listed asset and getting the 'confirmation' radio chatter is not necessary to complete the mission - you'll need to find and eliminate all aliens to complete it.

  • StreetOverpass map - Recover helicopter - at the far end of the map, just outside the accessible area.
  • Truckstop map - Recover cargo - inside the last 16-wheeler's trailer: blow up some portion of the truck to be able to look inside if you wish.
  • Industrial Office map - Recover data servers - the tape-reel computers (seriously) near the starting end of the office.
  • CemeteryGrand map - Prevent alien grave robbing
  • PierA map - Recover cargo - grey cubic crates in the building at the far end of the map.
  • ResearchOutpost map - Secure facility - the large telescope inside the building at the far end of the map.