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Avalanche Missile

The Avalanche missile is the most powerful craft weapon available to X-COM until the Plasma Beam can be researched.

With a far superior range and power than the Cannon and Stingray missile, it is capable of bringing down most UFOs, although with medium and large UFOs it may be beneficial to intercept with multiple craft to minimise damage and missed shots. The Avalanche is overall a great starting weapon, although it will often destroy smaller Scout-class crafts, which should be shot down with smaller weapons or attacked while landed.

This weapon is used in 1994 UFO: Enemy Unknown. For the Terror from the Deep equivalent, refer to the D.U.P. Head. For the 2012 X-COM: Enemy Unknown version, see Avalanche Missiles (EU2012).

Vital Statistics

Range:60 km
Reload Time:
96/72/48 frames
Ammunition Used:Avalanche Missile
Ammunition Cost:$9000

Note that the accuracy and reload time given in the in-game UFOpaedia are incorrect. The values given here are taken directly from the executable.

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