Axiom (Chimera)

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Agent Axiom
Agent Axiom
Traits High damage
Weapon Shotgun
While Axiom sometimes permits himself to give in to his rage, he is never truly out-of-control. In fact, he is erudite and well-read and could likely be a professor of human law or history given a more peaceful era.

"Surrender, or don't. I'm fine with either. Are you?" -Axiom

Axiom is a muton and a playable agent in XCOM: Chimera Squad.

Axiom focuses on fighting in close quarters and destroying cover. He builds up Rage by either taking damage or using his Psych Up ability, which will enhance the likelihood that his abilities will impose negative effects when they hit. If his Rage grows high enough, he may go Berserk; while this can put him in an unsafe position, the advantage of gaining a free out-of-sequence attack should not be dismissed.


Health Mobility Aim Will Dodge Crit Psi
9 12 65 40 0 0 0


Rank Ability
Cadet Smash
Axiom charges to a target and smashes down with both fists. Chance to disorientate, stun, or render unconscious. Higher rage improves the chance to apply a disabling effect.

Higher rage raises the chance of applying disabling effects with melee attacks, but also increases the risk of going berserk. Rage can be increased manually or by taking damage.

Psych Up

Axiom increases his Rage level.

Deputy Agent Battering Ram
Bursts through a door breach point, potentially panicking enemies. The chance to cause panic increases with high Rage.
Field Agent Aftershock
Smash deals some damage to enemies adjacent to the target, and can disorient, stun, or render them unconscious as well.
Shrug It Off
20% chance to reduce damage from an attack to 1.
Special Agent Adrenal Surge
Smash and Psych Up do not end the turn and have their cooldowns removed. 4 turn cooldown.
Senior Agent Fear Factor
Smash can now panic nearby enemies, with the panic chance increasing at high Rage.
Axiom automatically heals for 2 HP at the start of each turn.
Principal Agent Quake

Axiom leaps up and slams the ground, destroying cover and dealing heavy damage to nearby enemies. One use per mission.

Training (Special Agent) Unlock Potential

+1 mobility and +1 armor.

Training (Principal Agent) Counterattack

May counterattack melee attacks, negating their damage and harming the attacker.

Tactical Advice

  • A Mindshield or Overdrive Serum can prevent Axiom from Berserking. However, the benefit of preventing him from unexpectedly chasing enemies should be weighted against the loss of free damage.
  • As Axiom will likely be fighting in close quarters with limited cover, allies that can grant defensive boosts (such as Terminal and Cherub) or can pull him back to safer ground if he strays too far (i.e. Torque or Shelter) will work well with him.


Born on an alien transport ship, Axiom was part of the first wave of the invasion force and took part in the fall of Paris. During the war, he was assigned as a security guard for high-value ADVENT city centers and facilities following his infusion with human genetic material, ultimately being assigned to City 31's starport. He surrendered peacefully after ADVENT's defeat, having come to respect humanity. His actions during the Chryssalid outbreak known as "the Bugtown Massacre" were critical in minimizing human casualties, earning him a place in Chimera Squad.