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Commander's Message

Dear Section Commander
Welcome to X-COM (Extraterrestrial Combat Unit). You are now a part of a tradition that spans
back to the late 1990's. Let me appraise you of X-COM's activities to date, more importantly, the
activities of the Aliens we have encountered.
Back in the mid 1990's it became evident that "we were not alone". By 1998, UFOs began to land
openly in rural areas; the aim of these early missions was the abduction of local inhabitants and
animals. Our first military contact with the Aliens led to the massacre of an entire squad. In
November of that year, and emergency meeting was convened at the United Nations. As a result of
that meeting, X-COM was established. In the following years, X-COM waged war against the Alien
menace. Most of this activity occurred in the cities and rural areas of Earth, but eventually
it took us to the Alien's main Base on Mars (Cydonia).
Our victory at Cydonia saw the defeat of the immediate Alien threat, but, in its turn reawakened
a second of destruction that X-COM were later enlisted to counter.
Alien activity began once more in 2039. X-COM had only a nominal existence at this time; most of
our Bases were decommissioned or converted into Theme Parks. The call for the re-institution of
X-COM was led by the media after numerous ship and aircraft losses at sea. Years of recession and
political feuding meant that funding from the world's governments was not forthcoming; we had to
raise the money by alternative corporate means.
From 2041, after the initial recruitment in 2040, the second Alien war was waged under the seas
and oceans of the world. The war came to its climax in the battle at the Alien city of T'leth.
Buried underwater for 65 million years, the city had the ability to destroy the Earth.
Fortunately, we discovered that Alien society was constructed like that of the bees and after
killing the Alien 'Queen', everything else disintegrated.
T'leth rose from the water only to self-destruct; a sight I don't think any present at that time
will forget. Since then we have had few recorded encounters. X-COM and Marsec however, were
enlisted in the late 2060's to fight a territorial war against Aliens in the newly established
deep space mining colonies. This conflict left Earth uncontaminated... that was until a short
while ago, when the first Dimension-Gate appeared; right here in Mega-Primus.
The last war has indeed proven to be an expensive victory. The contamination of Earth's
atmosphere and the devastating climatic changes that ensued, have affected everyone. Whilst many
sought to leave Earth and colonize other planets, a self-sufficient, self-contained city was
successfully constructed here on Earth and thrived under the hazardous toxic atmosphere that
surrounded our home world. Mega-Primus has already become an important historical achievement.
Unfortunately, the last four years have seen this comfortable, low-cost lifestyle rapidly
deteriorate. The social and physical fabric of our society has decayed at an alarming rate;
sociologists have been, as yet, unable to explain the cause of decay. Statistics clearly
demonstrate increases in physical and cyberspace violence, family breakdowns, crime, ethnic
unrest and strange cult group involvement.
The frequency and pace at which incidents are occurring, is even more disturbing. The concern of
the citizens is evident. Many have already fled the city. The ongoing mass migration increases
the concern of all remaining citizens as each day passes. Losses in tax revenue are restricted
to the city's ability to deal with incidents and the emergency services are unable to do any more
than fire-fight existing problems.
Unless we deal with the source of the problem, social collapse appears to be a very real
possibility! Whilst the Senate remains unconvinced that Alien interference is the source of
the problems, they have secretly agreed to fund a covert investigation by X-COM.
Due to your recent promotion, we have decided that you shall be responsible for this
investigation. We will forward existing information to you shortly.
Yours faithfully
J.G Steinbach

X-COM Intelligence Report and Objectives Summary

X-COM Supreme Commander
To: Section Commander
From: Tactical Office
Subject: X-COM Intelligence Report and Objectives Summary
Date: March 2084
Congratulations on your recent promotion and good luck in the upcoming battle. We don't have much
to go on but this information should prove useful.
The Aliens are not acting as openly as before. UFOs have been appearing intermittently but no
attacks have been made; these appearances have been sporadic and short-lived. In the past we were
invaded from other worlds but now, in 2084, the Aliens are travelling from another dimension. The
means by which they achieve trans-dimensional travel is unclear, but it is apparent that the UFOs
use some form of Dimensional Gateway. The gateways can appear anywhere in Mega-Primus. We would
advise beginning the research of Dimension Gates immediately. 
You have at your disposal the finest technology Mega-Primus has to offer, to combat the Alien
menace. Your Agents will be responsible for investigating any strange events that might reveal
Alien activity.
The objective of these investigations is to gather as much information about the Aliens and their
technology as possible. To defend Mega-Primus effectively, you will be responsible for research
and development based on the results of these investigations.
X-COM must recover all Alien artefacts and technology from Alien encounters, in order to
research and develop new weapons and craft. The results of your investigations will be published
in the UFOpedia, so that both you your Agents have the most up-to-date information. Without
this information we will not know of the Aliens' intent or, more importantly, a means by which we
can defeat them.
X-COM should retain a covert status as it monitors the situation in the city. Our
investigation is secretly funded by the Senate and without this funding, the effectiveness and
scope of operations will be severely diminished.
The success of our operation depends on your efforts. The safety of Mega-Primus is in your hands;
your task is to command X-COM's forces to defeat the Alien incursion!

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