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In General

This facility houses your soldiers.

Soldier List

Here you can see the statistics and current status of your ground forces, and you can also customize them, change their equipment, promote them or fire them.

Officer Training School

Upgrades are unlocked based on the total number of successful missions during the game.

XTP and Officer training programs (LWR)
Upgrade Effect Prerequisites Cost
Required Upgrade Successful Missions
(Modified by Campaign Length)
XTP I Institutes the XTP: Soldiers autopromote to SPEC and gain 5xp each day - 10 200
XTP II Institutes XTP II: Soldiers autopromote to LCPL and gain 10xp each day XTP I 30 400
XTP III Institutes XTP III: Soldiers autopromote to SGT and gain 20xp each day XTP II 70 600
Lieutenants Allows the promotion of 2 Soldiers to Lieutenants. - 20 150
Captains Allows the promotion of 2 additional Lieutenants, and allows the promotion of 2 Lieutenants to Captains. Tactical Officers 40 300
Majors Allows the promotion of 1 additional Lieutenant and Captain, and allows the promotion of 1 Captain to Major. Captains 50 450
Colonels Allows the promotion of 1 additional Lieutenant, Captain and Major, and allows the promotion of 1 Major to Colonel. Majors 60 600
Field Commander Allows the promotion of 1 additional Lieutenant, Captain, Major and Colonel, and allows the promotion of 1 Colonel to Field Commander. Colonels 80 750
Note: XCOM Training Programmes (XTPs) grant their xp and promotions at midnight each day and only apply to active or fatigued soldiers

Psi Labs

Test up to 2 soldiers to discover their psionic ability. For more information click here: Psionic Training

The Memorial

Here you can see information about the soldiers who died in combat, as well as the cause of their death.

Recruit Soldiers

Each new soldier costs §180 and takes 11 days to arrive.

Every month that passes increases the cost by §10.

Every dead soldier reduces the cost by §5.

The minimum cost is §90.

Note: Soldiers have monthly salaries. For more information click here: Salaries

Officer Promotions

Here you can choose which of your Soldiers should become an Officer and to what rank they should be promoted. You can only assign titles that have already been purchased at the Officer Training School.

Each Officer must have completed at least 2 missions (modified by campaign length) since the last promotion.

Psionic Soldiers, MEC Troopers and S.H.I.V.s cannot be promoted to officers and officers cannot discover or develop psionic abilities or be augmented into MEC troopers. The only exception is where the 'Super Soliders' second wave option is used.

Soldier Ranks Required for Promotion
Solder Rank Officer Rank Available
Private None
Specialist None
Lance Corporal None
Corporal Lieutenant
Sergeant Captain
Tech Sergeant Major
Gunnery Sergeant Colonel
Master Sergeant Field Commander

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