Barracks (Long War)

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Wiki-facbox barracks.png
Effect Home of all your soldiers and SHIVs
Adjacency Bonus None
Prerequisites None
Other None
Build costs
Alien Alloys
§0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0
§0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0
Maintenance §0
Power 1

The campaign starts with 40 soldiers, unless starting with France's "Foreign Legion", in which case you start with 60 soldiers. The capacity of the Barracks is 100, this is including SHIVs. There are following options:

  • View Soldiers. Here you can see the statistics and current status of your ground forces, and you can also customize them, change their equipment, promote them or fire them. However, unless the Barracks' capacity is full, there is never reason to fire your soldiers, as they draw no salary.
  • View the Memorial. Here you can see information about the soldiers who died in combat, as well as the cause of their death.
  • Hire Soldiers. Each new soldier costs §25 on all difficulties. They take 9 days to arrive.
  • Officer Training School. You can buy officer training programs here. See Officer Training School (Long War).
  • Officer Promotions. Here you can choose which of your soldiers should become an officer, and to what rank they should be promoted. You can only assign titles that have already been purchased at the officers' school. Officers should have high will stat, as they share it with the rest of the squad via the Lead by Example perk.
  • Visit the Psi Labs. Test soldiers to discover their psionic ability. Each test lasts 5-8 days, this depends on soldier's will, which also determines the success chance. See Psionic Labs (Long War).

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