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In UFO/TFTD, each General Stores module you have adds 50 "storage units" to your base. These can be used to store various forms of equipment and other items.

Item storage sizes


Stingray Launcher0.805/4
Avalanche Launcher1.001/1
Fusion Ball Launcher2.001/2
Laser Cannon2.001/2
Plasma Beam1.205/6
Stingray Missile0.405/2
Avalanche Missiles1.502/3
Cannon Rounds(x50)0.00N.A.
Fusion Ball0.605/3
HWP Cannon Shells0.1010/1
Tank/Rocket Launcher6.001/6
HWP Rockets0.605/3
Tank/Laser Cannon6.001/6
HWP Fusion Bomb0.605/3
Pistol Clip0.1010/1
Rifle Clip0.1010/1
Heavy Cannon0.3010/3
HC-AP Ammo0.1010/1
HC-HE Ammo0.1010/1
HC-I Ammo0.1010/1
AC-AP Ammo0.1010/1
AC-HE Ammo0.1010/1
AC-I Ammo0.1010/1
Rocket Launcher0.405/2
Small Rocket0.205/1
Large Rocket0.205/1
Incendiary Rocket0.205/1
Laser Pistol0.1010/1
Laser Rifle0.205/1
Heavy Laser0.3010/3
Smoke Grenade0.1010/1
Proximity Grenade0.1010/1
High Explosive0.205/1
Motion Scanner0.1010/1
Stun Rod0.1010/1
Heavy Plasma0.205/1
Heavy Plasma Clip0.3010/3
Plasma Rifle0.205/1
Plasma Rifle Clip0.1010/1
Plasma Pistol0.1010/1
Plasma Pistol Clip0.1010/1
Blaster Launcher0.3010/3
Blaster Bomb0.205/1
Small Launcher0.205/1
Stun Bomb0.1010/1
Alien Grenade0.1010/1
Mind Probe0.1010/1
Sectoid Corpse0.405/2
Snakeman Corpse0.405/2
Ethereal Corpse0.405/2
Muton Corpse0.405/2
Floater Corpse0.405/2
Celatid Corpse0.405/2
Silacoid Corpse0.405/2
Chryssalid Corpse0.405/2
Reaper Corpse1.001/1
Sectopod Corpse1.001/1
Cyberdisc Corpse1.001/1
UFO Power Source0.7010/7
UFO Navigation0.205/1
UFO Construction*0.1010/1
Alien Food0.205/1
Alien Reproduction*0.205/1
Alien Entertainment0.205/1
Alien Surgery0.205/1
Examination Room0.205/1
Alien Alloys0.1010/1
Alien Habitat*0.1010/1
Personal Armor0.805/4
Power Suit0.805/4
Flying Suit0.805/4


Ajax Launcher0.805/4
D.U.P. Head Launcher1.001/1
Craft Gas Cannon1.502/3
P.W.T. Cannon2.001/2
Gauss Cannon2.001/2
Sonic Oscillator1.205/6
Ajax Torpedoes0.405/2
D.U.P. Head Torpedoes1.502/3
Gas Rounds(x50)0.00N.A.
P.W.T. Ammo0.605/3
Coelacanth/G. Cannon6.001/6
Coelacanth/Aqua Jet6.001/6
Displacer /Sonic6.001/6
Displacer /P. W. T.6.001/6
Dart Gun0.1010/1
Dart Clip0.1010/1
Jet Harpoon0.205/1
Harpoon Clip0.1010/1
Gas Cannon0.3010/3
GC-AP Bolts0.1010/1
GC-HE Bolts0.1010/1
GC-Phosphorous Bolts0.1010/1
Hydro-Jet Cannon0.3010/3
HJ-AP Ammo0.1010/1
HJ-HE Ammo0.1010/1
HJ-P Ammo0.1010/1
Torpedo Launcher0.405/2
Small Torpedo0.205/1
Large Torpedo0.205/1
Phosphor Torpedo0.205/1
Gauss Pistol0.1010/1
Gauss Pistol Clip0.1010/1
Gauss Rifle0.205/1
Gauss Rifle Clip0.1010/1
Heavy Gauss0.3010/3
Heavy Gauss Clip0.1010/1
Magna-Blast Grenade0.1010/1
Dye Grenade0.1010/1
Particle Disturbance Grenade0.1010/1
Magna-Pack Explosive0.205/1
Particle Disturbance Sensor0.1010/1
M.C. Disruptor0.1010/1
Thermal Tazer0.1010/1
Vibro Blade0.1010/1
Thermic Lance0.1010/1
Heavy Thermic Lance0.1010/1
Aquanaut Corpse?0.00N.A.
Aquanaut Corpse?0.00N.A.
Aquanaut Corpse?0.00N.A.
Sonic Cannon0.205/1
Cannon Power Clip0.3010/3
Sonic Blasta-Rifle0.205/1
Blasta Power Clip0.1010/1
Sonic Pistol0.1010/1
Pistol Power Clip0.1010/1
Disruptor Pulse Launcher0.3010/3
Disruptor Ammo0.205/1
Thermal Shok Launcher0.205/1
Themal Shok Bomb0.1010/1
Sonic Pulser0.1010/1
M.C. Reader0.1010/1
Aquatoid Corpse0.405/2
Gill Man Corpse0.405/2
Lobster Man Corpse0.405/2
Tasoth Corpse0.405/2
Calcinite Corpse0.405/2
Deep One Corpse0.405/2
Bio-Drone Corpse0.405/2
Tentaculat Corpse0.405/2
Triscene Corpse1.001/1
Hallucinoid Corpse1.001/1
Xarquid Corpse1.001/1
 Squad Leader0.00N.A.
Ion Beam Accelerators0.7010/7
Magnetic Navigation0.205/1
Alien Sub Construction0.1010/1
Alien Cryogenics0.205/1
Alien Cloning0.205/1
Alien Learning Arrays0.205/1
Alien Imlanter0.205/1
Examination Room0.205/1
Aqua Plastics0.1010/1
Alien Re-animation Zone0.1010/1
Plastic Aqua-Armor0.805/4
Ion Armor0.805/4
Mag. Ion Armor0.805/4
Solid Harpoon Bolts0.1010/1
Aqua Jet Missiles0.605/3
P.W. Torpedo0.605/3
Gauss Cannon Ammo0.1010/1
Gauss Cannon Ammo0.605/3


Space is the volume a single item occupies in storage. If you have 50 items with a space of 0.10 each, the group would occupy 5 slots. Aircraft, personnel and live aliens require specialized storage facilities (Hangar/Sub Pen, Living Quarters and Alien Containment) and do not use space in the General Stores.

The Multiplier (Mult.) column is used for determining the quantity of items you can store in a module. It is always the reciprocal of the "Space" column. However, as is common in X-COM, integer rounding plays a role. The equation linking total storage space to the number of items is:

Total Items = INT(Total Storage Space * Multiplier)

To illustrate,. assume we want to know how many UFO Power Sources can be contained in 2 General Stores. 2 General Stores have a total space of 100, while the UFO Power Source multiplier is 10/7.

Total Items = INT(100 * 10 / 7)
            = INT(1000 / 7)
            = INT(142.857...)
            = 142

These calculations only apply to items being transferred into a base. Items purchased are a little different. As long as your current General Store space is < total space, you can still purchase items. (Your current space level is found by multiplying the quantity of an item by its Space and then adding all those numbers together). When dealing with only a specific purchasable item, the equation for the maximum number of items possible is found using an IF-THEN statement.

IF (INT(Total Space * Item Multiplier) / Item Multiplier) < Total Space,
THEN Total Items = INT(Total Space * Item Multiplier) + 1

Example: How many Stingray Launchers (Item Multiplier = 5/4) can you purchase if you have one General Store (50 Total Space)?

IF (INT(50 * 5 / 4) / (5 /4)) < 50
IF (INT(250 / 4) * 4 / 5) < 50
IF (INT(62.5) * 4 / 5) < 50
IF 62 * 4 / 5 < 50
IF 49.6 < 50 (TRUE)
Total Stingray Launchers = INT(50 * 5 / 4) + 1
                         = INT(62.5) + 1
                         = 62 + 1
                         = 63

Multiple General Store modules act as a single cohesive storage unit, not as separate facilities. For example, one General Store can contain 62 Stingray Launchers, but two modules, with their combined space, can hold a total of 125 Stingray Launchers.

Interesting points to contemplate:

  • Most weapons use up more space than their clip. Not the Heavy Plasma. Each weapon takes up 0.20 slots in the General Store, while a Heavy Plasma clip takes up 0.30.
  • Craft Cannon Shells do not require (or use) any space in General Store inventory. As long as you have at least one open slot at a base, you could purchase (and contain) an infinite quantity of these shells. However, once General Store space is filled to capacity, these shells cannot be purchased anymore.
  • Because of the integer rounding on each item type, you can store up to 19 of any item that takes 0.1 space (such as grenades) while still only using one unit of store space. 20 to 29 such items would take two spaces; 30 to 39 would take three, and so on.

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