Battleship02 (EU2012)

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Battleship loading screen


  • Crashed UFO

Map Dimensions

  • Length: ? tiles
  • Width: ? tiles
  • Height: 4 tiles
  • Total map area: ? tiles


  • Starting Location
  • Notable Locations
    • The central courtyard connected to the starting locations.
    • The next large room has two perches on the far left and far right accessible before entering the room by side passages. The perches.
    • The final room has two perches to the left and right accessible by circling around the doors.
  • The Battleship is the largest alien craft. There is no external terrain in this map.
  • The three map names appear to correlate to the three starting locations. There only appears to be one layout.
  • The Blaster Launcher and the Fusion Lance cannot be researched until after retrieving the Fusion Core found on board the Battleship.
  • This craft may be attracted by ignoring a scout and waiting for it to appear afterwards.
Battleship overview
Battleship opposite overview