Battleship (EU2012)

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Battleship Airborne (EU2012).png
Size Very Large
Weapon UFO Fusion
Speed 3000
Engagement Speed 40
Health Points 2400/2400/2900/2900
Armor 52/52/42/52
Armor Penetration 20
First Appearance See Notes


Battleship (EU2012).png

An advanced large UFO. Engage only with a Firestorm armed with an EMP Cannon, Plasma Cannon or Fusion Lance. Using the latter guarantees a win, otherwise expect one Firestorm to be insufficient. One Firestorm with EMP Cannon and 1 use of Dodge is enough. Expect to take moderate-heavy damage. Unless you make good use of dodge while closing in and then aim to ensure it is downed in 2-3 shots.

Appears if a flying UFO is ignored, the month depending on the difficulty level. Or it can appear as a flying UFO on October (Vanilla) or April 2016 (Marathon).

Alien Deployment

  • 7-9 groups of alien troops (always crashed).
  • 2 command aliens on the bridge.
    • Your soldiers will remain unseen from the large doorway, or behind the large bulkhead near it: a ghosting soldier can show on which side of the bridge the command crew is, and having the rest of your soldiers dash for that side's door is a safe move.


  • No "outside" environment, the Skyranger lands directly on the craft, in 1 of three "landing bays" (center, right, and left), with two-to-three odds (seemingly more) of landing on the side pads.
    • If landing on the center bay, very often will there be an alien squad in the next room: proceed with caution.
    • If landing on the side bays, very rare that there will be aliens in the next room: recommend moving inward as much as possible right away.
  • The third room is a large cubic chamber: this will often be the most difficult room, as odds are that you will be coming in from the sides, with aliens shooting from high in the balconies, and sometimes the "wandering" squads even coming in from the bay you landed in!
  • Fourth room is a pair of split hallways, which themselves split into paths for the main area and the balconies of the next room:
  • Fifth room is a massively large, open area with little cover, with two very high balconies (which make excellent nests for Squad Sight snipers).
  • Bridge will often have 1 or 2 additional alien squads, on top of the ship's commanding officer (Ethereal, Sectoid Commanders, Outsiders).