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This captive was even more violent and aggressive than we expected, exceeding the previous limits established by the Floater and Muton species. Despite heavy sedation, it was virtually impossible to control the subject, leaving us with little recourse other than to increase the vigor of our tactics. After probing several regions of the captive's brain, we managed to find the appropriate stimulus to calm the beast, after which we put the captive through a number of controlled physical tests. By observing the subject's movements while burdened by the massive suit of armor it is outfitted with, we've gained enormous insight into how the invaders approach the difficult design questions associated with creating a heavy armor suit. Striking a balance between effective armor coverage and maneuverability in the field is no easy task, but this data should prove invaluable to our own efforts.

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012) Research Archives
Berserker Autopsy

Although similar to the previously catalogued Muton species, this particular specimen is... different. Our troops have taken to calling this beast the "Berserker," based on its uncharacteristically aggressive tactics in the field. Despite sharing the same physiological structure of the other Mutons, for reasons yet unknown to us, the Berserker seems to be consumed by blood lust, charging into combat with little regard for its own safety. Current theories as to the cause of this behavior have led us to begin investigating possible genetic manipulation of the subject's endocrine glands, or, in this case, the equivalent glands that appear to secrete androgenic hormones. If the aliens enlarged or modified the action of these glands, it could explain the Berserker's outbursts. Specifics on this creature's abilities in combat should be available when using the Unit Analysis View on another specimen of the same type in the field.

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012) Research Archives


Berserker (EU2012).png
1st Appearance {{{appears}}}
HP 20/20/20/25
Aim Melee
Defense 20
Will 80
Movement 17

A hulking monstrosity, Muton Berserkers are Mutons who are consumed by a constant seething rage and hatred for all things human. They are given very tough armour in order to survive focus fire that usually comes their way.

Instead of a gun these Mutons are given fist mounted blades that can tear even the toughest soldiers to shreds. Instead of reaction fire, Muton Berserkers will run (during your turn) after the last unit that shot them, ready to shear them up next turn. Kill them quickly, as an instant death at their hands is a looming occurrence for any soldiers that stand in their way. They do tend to run straight into ambushes though, keeping your squad on overwatch can severely weaken or even kill Berserkers as soon as they are within firing range. Laser weapons are often enough to kill Berserkers but you will need extremely tough armour (Titan armour is enough to barely survive their blades) or Chitin Plating in order to survive surprise attacks from these titanic terrors.

Berserker Armaments
Weapon Damage Critical Chance Abilities
Muton Blade 10 33 NA


  • Bull Rush: Charges through cover and causes damage to any units within a small radius.
  • Blood Lust: Allows the Berserker to charge an enemy that wounds it.
  • Hardened: Hardened units receive extra protection against critical hits (-60% chance to score a critical hit.)
  • Intimidate: Reacts unpredictably when wounded, provoking panic in enemies.


  • The red armor of the Berserkers and Elites may be referencing the Red-Suited Commander Muton (AKA Mr. Angry Red Suit), only seen during the intro of the 1994 game.

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