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General Information

The Bio-Drone is a creation only an alien mind could conceive of. It is a brain, (human or alien) suspended in amniotic fluids and connected to a powered base unit that can fly on land or below water.

Each Bio-Drone is armed with a powerful auditory disruptor, part machine and part organism. Some of our scientists have suggested that the weapon is driven by the host organisms original vocal cords. Highly accurate and tenacious these super guard dogs are widely used by the aliens to protect valuable assets.
Source: Terror From The Deep Ufopaedia

Bio-Drone Autopsy
Bio-Drone Autopsy

The hypothesis that the auditory disruptor is a biological device are true. This unfortunate creature literally screams its enemies to death. Every example has massive surgical trauma scars and is severely mutilated. The aliens appear to butcher the brain into obedience.

Most of the brains used in the creatures are alien in origin, but nothing can compare to the horror of finding a human based unit. The Bio-Drones are powered by an ION engine and incorporate some form of remote control system.

Source: Terror From The Deep Ufopaedia
Time Units 80 - 118
Health 140
Energy 120 - 178
Reactions 40 - 54
Strength 120 - 149
Bravery 100
Firing Accuracy 36 - 146
Throwing Accuracy 0
MC Skill 0
MC Strength 90 - 112
Front Armour 10 - 30
Left Armour 6 - 18
Right Armour 6 - 18
Back Armour 4 - 12
Under Armour 2 - 6
Hidden Attributes
Melee Accuracy 0
Energy Recharge 40
Victory Points 25
Standing Height 17
Kneeling Height 12
Intelligence 7
Aggression 2
Other information
Armour category Xarquid/Bio-Drone
Possible Ranks Terrorist
Unique Attributes Can Fly, Melee Attack (bugged)

Functionally identical to the Cyberdiscs of the First Alien War, except miniaturised for indoor-use, Bio-Drones are terribly dangerous. They are fast and possess very deadly and accurate projectile attacks, can fly, and destroying them will usually cause a large explosion. The latter is especially annoying in Shipping Route Terror Missions, which are full of small rooms and cramped corridors.

Bio-Drones are, along with the Tentaculats, the most powerful Terror units deployed by the Aliens in the Second Alien War. What's worse, they accompany the two most powerful Alien Races, Lobster Men and Tasoths, as well as Mixed Crews.

Innate weapon

The Triscene and Bio-Drone use very same type of turret that is mounted on the Displacer /Sonic. The Displacer/Sonic's turret specifications are duplicated here:

Sonic Turret Specifications
Type Sonic
Damage 110 Sonic
Rounds 100
Manufacture Price $n/a
Sale Price $n/a
Firing Modes Accuracy Cost
Aimed 100%(-%) 60%(-)
Snap 85%(-%) 30%(-)
Numbers in parenthesis are the actual values after modified by the chassis' abilities.
Actual costs are in fixed Time Units

Note: Actual TU costs have been omitted as these will vary due to difficulty level adjustments.


The usual Cyberdisc warnings apply here:

  1. Using anything other than a Melee weapon against it will cause an explosion big enough to kill creatures nearby... aliens, civilians, or your Aquanauts.
  2. Though it has a front and back, and it is technically possible to sneak up upon it unnoticed, it is physically impossible to tell which way it is facing because of radial symmetry.
  3. When possible, double-team against a Bio-Drone. Have an aquanaut draw fire, while another sneaks up behind it with a Melee weapon.
  4. Bio-Drones leave scorch marks on the ground (and sometimes set fire to it) if they are moving around above sea level, much like the Silacoid.
  5. They have extremely high Firing Accuracy but relatively low Reactions, so it's a good idea to use Aquanauts with high Reactions and TUs when fighting them.


The following are some miscellaneous notes on the Bio-Drone:

  • The Bio-Drone takes 0.6x damage from Incendiary attacks and explosives, 0.7x damage from Gauss weapons and 0.9x damage from Stun and Sonic weapons, but also takes 1.45x damage from melee attacks.
  • It appears exclusively on land, but is among the most common terror units since it can accompany Tasoths, Lobstermen, or Mixed crews.
  • It has the highest Firing Accuracy in the game.
  • While Bio-Drones possess a melee attack, they will rarely be able to hit your Aquanauts due to their Melee Accuracy of 0 (hit chance is 0.9%; likely a mistake on the part of the game designers). If an attack does connect, however, it will usually be fatal due to Bio-Drones' enormous Strength stat and Aquanauts' vulnerability to melee damage.

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