Bomb Disposal (EU2012)

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Mission Objectives
  • Deactivate the bomb before it goes off
  • Delay the detonation countdown by deactivating the bomb's power sources
  • Prevent reactivation by eliminating all remaining opposition
Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)


  • Bomb Disposal missions require quick actions to prevent the detonation of the bomb. When you arrive, you will have a limited number of turns before the bomb detonates and there is no way to reach it in time. Fortunately, there are power nodes throughout the map that, when deactivated, will grant additional turns. Each disabled power node counts for one extra turn. Disabling several in one turn, provided they are close enough together and you aren't spreading your forces thin, is more beneficial than disabling one per turn.
  • Once you reach the bomb there is no need to continue disabling power nodes-- though you should hold of on actually deactivating it if you have turns remaining: once it is deactivated, Thin Men will drop from the sky on the next alien turn.
    • If you have a soldier in range to deactivate the bomb, you should spend any spare turns (turn off any remaining nodes if you need the time) to kill any remaining aliens, and then get your soldiers into dispersed positions, to cover a significant area (especially if you have some Squad Sight snipers in your squad).
      • Then you should deactivate the bomb, and put all soldiers on Overwatch: as the Thin Men drop down, they will activate the overwatching XCOM troopers, usually killing more than half of the aliens that drop down (though if most of your troopers shoot at the same Thin Man, this may be less: hence why you want to spread your soldiers out for this maneuver).
  • Disable the bomb and kill the remaining enemies to complete the mission. Disabling nodes and the bomb itself counts as a free-action, similar to opening doors, so perform this action before taking a shot or otherwise ending that soldier's turn (otherwise, you can manually click on a spent soldier to deactivate a node/bomb they are next to).
    • Note that they must be on an adjacent square to a node/bomb, and not diagonally to it.
  • If you fail to deactivate the bomb on time you'll be given 3 turns to return your squad to the Skyranger extraction point. To save your soldiers you need to hit the abort button at the end of the round where the timer marks 1, otherwise the extraction will not take place and not only you'll lose the soldiers who didn't made it to the extraction point but also the ones present there.