Brainsucker Launcher

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The brainsucker launcher is the first alien weapon X-Com agents usually encounter on the battlefield. As its name implies, this weapon is used to fire Brainsucker Pods (which hatch into brainsuckers) in a manner similar to a grenade launcher. Of all the alien weapons, it is perhaps the weakest, but a measure of caution should still be used when facing them - a well-placed brainsucker pod can result in an unwary agent being taken over. Also, an alien armed with this weapon will drop any spare pods when killed, which may hatch if agents approach the corpse (Note that a pod loaded into a launcher will not hatch). Counter-measures include:

  • Grenade any corpses to destroy the pods.
  • If you reach the body without any hatching, pick up the pods. Pods carried by agents do not hatch (Be careful if the agent gets killed and drops them again).
  • If all else fails, simply do not approach a dead alien which was armed with a brainsucker launcher, or approach it only with android units.

The Brainsucker Launcher is unusable to X-com, and wouldn't be very useful even if it was. It also makes little to no money when sold.

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