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This is the place to document bugs. In this case, bugs are errors that make the game work otherwise than intended. This is not the place for mods or for suggested improvements to things that currently function but would be "better" a different way. Those suggestions should go in Mods. Also, consider posting the bug on the [dedicated bug reports] 2K thread.

Hunker Down key binding doesn't work
  • Effect: pressing the key predefined for Hunker Down does nothing.
  • Status: despite being widely reported since EU came out, as of the latest EW patch it still hasn't been fixed.
Hologlobe doesn't turn anymore
  • Effect: on EU it was possible to rotate the Hologlobe on Mission Control. On EW it isn't possible anymore.
  • Cause: either it was not supposed to happen on EU or something got broken on EW.
  • Fix: PatcherGUI modfix availible[1]
Sats/Research/Building/etc take longer to complete
  • Effect: a sat is ordered with 20-21 days left until the end of the month report. But during the last days it will be delayed and the sat will only be completed after the month ends.
  • Cause: according to one poster on the 2K forums this bug also applies to the missions created by the AI at the beginning of the month. It seems that the game discounts the time spend while "Scanning For Activity" in Building Projects/Research/etc completion time but ignores the time spend in Mission Control without advancing the clock. This includes Skyranger flight time but also when you are simply looking at the Hologlobe and waiting the hours for a soldier to recover from an injury or for a critical research project to be completed.
  • Implications: to avoid this bug, either start projects a few days earlier than their completed date. Or don't wait on Mission Control for the clock to tick down and always hit "Scan For Activity" or launch the Skyranger, even if that means you won't have that soldier who is recovering for an injury available for the mission.
  • Status: Reported on the 2K forums.
Mission Control zoom
  • Effect: Clicking on the geoscape (the globe, not the "Mission Control" button) has no effect when any of the game characters are talking (voice over, text and their icon on the top right corner).
  • Cause: Unknown, clicking is back to normal after the character is done talking and the text with the icon disappear.
"Satellite down"
  • Effect: When I was in the Situation Room, Central popped up and said "satellite down". I had not lost any satellites. I was maxed out before and after the announcement.
  • Cause: Shortly before I had lost an Interceptor, so perhaps that or the remaining alien craft somehow triggered the sound bite.
Situation Room zoom
  • Effect: Sometimes clicking on the Situation Room button changes the Situation Room from just its 2D map to the colorful panic levels and such, but the camera remains stuck out at the pan-across-the-facility level. You can click again, on either the button or the room, and it zooms in fine.
  • Cause: Unknown.
  • Status: reported on the [dedicated bug reports] 2K thread.
Underground Revival
  • Effect: A soldier was shot unconscious in the corner of a tall dirt berm (full cover). I ran my Support near, leaving the corner space open where the body was lieing, but somehow the unit revived inside the dirt / under the elevated ground. The next turn he was able to move and climbed over like a wall.
  • Cause: Unknown.
  • Status: reported on the [dedicated bug reports] 2K thread.
Grayed out buttons
  • Effect: Rarely, a button is grayed out when it should be available. For example, starting in the Barracks looking at a Rookie, you can scroll onto a Sgt. or higher and sometimes the nickname button does not light up. If you leave and then come back in on that Sgt.+ it will be available again. This is also happening occasionally in combat with the fire button, though there the button still works by either mouse clicking or hitting the corresponding key (default = 1).
  • Cause: Unknown.
  • Status: reported on the [dedicated bug reports] 2K thread.
Aliens teleporting
  • Effect: Alien squads (unprovoked) are not actually moving around the map, but teleporting short distances, which can be witnessed with use of battle scanner, for example. Side effects include enemy squads appearing right on top of your troops, or inside a ring of soldiers. Also, you may notice on terror missions a civilian dying, while next turn you find last enemy squad on the map - a squad of 2 drones and a sectopod far away from that point. Also, sometimes, rarely though, even "provoked" aliens suddenly teleport on top of your troops.
  • Cause: Aside from obvious lazy programming on developer's side, no discernible ways to reproduce the bug - seems to be totally random (can happen only with mobile squads, of course)
  • Status: Reported on XCOM 2K forum master bug thread, with saves attached. Nearly fixed on EW although it can still happen.
Movement into occupied tiles and dirt
  • Effect: Sometimes, movement into a tile occupied by another soldier is allowed, putting two soldiers into a single tile. They both continue to function normally. Sometimes, when landing in a flying suit, your soldier will fall through the ground, appearing dug in the dirt (head popping), rendering him immobile for remainder of the mission.
  • Cause: Unknown, but if you happen to be able to target occupied tile with movement command, it remains so until that soldier moves, so when bug is triggered, it is reproduceable.
  • Status: Reported on XCOM 2k forum master bug thread, with saves attached.
Grappling hook malfunction
  • Effect: Grappling hook can do all sorts of weird things on you. Sometimes, you will teleport to a different tile after hook animation plays (teleportation happens when your soldier takes his weapon out, staying on the target tile). Sometimes, hook will simply fail - your soldier will return back to his starting position. Reloading may or may not fix the bug.
  • Cause: Unknown, usually not reproduced on reload.
Armor change clipping
  • Effect: Often times when you upgrade your armor the previous armor will still exist on your soldier, causing the two to be together at once and cause a distorted, clipping armor effect. Usually this can be fixed by changing the armor deco (when this happens it defaults to deco 0), however with singular style armors such as the archangel there's no way to change its deco, meaning you're stuck with the effect on your armor.
  • Cause: Unknown
Immobile after fall & revive
Immobile (EU2012).jpg
  • Effect: A soldier was shot unconscious and fell from the top of a train car onto an adjacent wooden box. When revived, the unit could take action but could not move.
  • Cause: Probably something related to an unregistered change in position from the train car to the box. In the image it appears the game thinks he should be up in midair instead of down on the box, which may also contribute to not being able to move (from midair).
  • Status: Replied on the [dedicated bug reports] 2K thread.

Snipers can switch weapons after moving and hitting Overwatch

  • Effect: if a Sniper goes to Overwatch with his pistol it's possible to left click on the soldier and switch the weapon back to the Sniper Rifle. This allows for Move and Overwatch if the Sniper doesn't have the Snap Shot ability.
  • Cause: Related to how soldiers can open doors, disable power nodes, etc. even after all of its moves are spent.
  • Fix? Was this fixed in EW after Power Node and Door Opening was disabled for a soldier who has used all of his moves?
  • No, can still do it, so apparently unrelated.

"Free" Overwatch doesn't check ammo.

  • Effect: A soldier taking an overwatch shot when not on overwatch or suppression(likely due to Assault Close Combat Specialist perk) can make unlimited shots regardless of remaining ammo count.
  • Cause: Likely caused by programming oversight; the game probably checks whether you have enough ammo for overwatch when you GO on Overwatch, not when you make the shot.
  • Question: Do low-ammo Setinel Supports also trigger this?

Second Foundry pistol upgrade doesn't function

  • Effect: Although it offers +10% to aim, and appears under the heading "Pistol" on the shot info screen, Improved Pistol II is never actually added on to your final chance to hit.
  • Cause: Programming oversight. No sequence of user actions can cause or avoid this; it occurs in all situations.
  • Fixed in EW.

Difficulty Change & Weapon Drop

  • Effect: If during a mission on normal or harder difficulties, an alien is given more damage than it has HP on easier difficulties, and the difficulty is turned down, the alien simply dies with it's intact weapon. Best demonstrated with Sectoids & grenades: ie, switching to Impossible, which gives it 4 HP, grenading it for 3 damage, and switching to any other difficulty. It will die, and a Plasma Pistol will show up in the post-mission Artifact Recovery list.
  • Cause: Programming oversight?

Museum or Museum Euro map bugs

  • Effect: Unable to move into a square just to the right of the extraction area, just to the left of the lamp post. Also possible to stand in a square forward and to the right of this and see an alien below far away to the right (you'll get the beep sound that an alien is in view if you run through), but not be able to shoot, and the pod of aliens won't wake up.
  • Cause: Unknown.

Overwatch not triggering bug

  • Effect: Alien finishing its movement in one of the 8 squares surrounding a soldier will not trigger overwatch fire if the alien was not previously visible to that unit. Alien will then proceed to murder your unit. To avoid, you have to remember not to place an overwatching soldier within one tile of a space that an alien can appear in. Such as corners. Common occurrences are rooftops with Chryssalids jumping up and overwatch not triggering, unit proceeds to get melee attacked. Also when positioning a soldier by a UFO opening and then waking up aliens inside from another angle.
  • Cause: Programming oversight or intentional difficulty increase.

EW: Ironman Corrupt Saves (XBOX360)

  • Effect: After quitting game and resuming at later date, saves begin to show up "blank" and will not load saying "Corrupt". Never experienced issue over 50 games in EU, whereas last three Ironman enabled games in EW resulted in Corruption (on 4th now without Ironman anymore). Cannot confirm for other platforms (please verify if only situated to XBOX360)
  • Cause: Unknown. Seems to roughly corrupt mid-game. Haven't assaulted Alien Base but was dealing with EXALT.

Hole in Supply Barrage Roof

Roof Bug (EU2012).jpg
  • Effect: Soldiers with the ability to jump/fly can move up through a hole in the roof despite there being no hole present.

Kinetic Strike Module and Flamethrower Upgrades

  • Effect: Value after 50% upgrade from a previous game is carried over to the next to result. KSM: 12 Base Damage is the normal amount with 18 after upgrade the first time, in the next game the upgrade will give you 27 damage points. Flamethrower: 6 Base Damage before upgrade, 9 after, subsequent campaigns upgrade to 13.
  • Cause:Unknown
  • Solution: if MECs go unused in your next campaign, the bug will clear. After 1 game at bugged damage points it reset themselves to basic value.

Deep Pockets & Combat Stims

  • Effect: Deep Pockets increases number of use for items by +1. Combat Stims is not affected, despite being an usable item (however, it is viewed as a skill during tactical game).
  • Cause: May be related to "skill" representation, developer overlook or intentional game design.

Disabling Shot vs Overwatch Aliens

  • Effect: Weapon is disabled on the alien's next turn as per usual, but the alien can take an unlimited number of reaction shots during the player's turn. After discovering the bug (3 HP sectoid fired 5 reaction shots in a single turn at 3 different targets) was able to duplicate it on at least two other occasions.
  • Cause: An alien ends its turn on overwatch. On your turn, you use a sniper to disable the alien's weapon... either to close the distance to kill it or to stun it.
  • Status: Reported on XCOM 2k forum master bug thread. Supposedly fixed on EW but there are still reports coming of this bug.


Bugs that have been fixed in a Patch.

'Ghost' SHIV
  • Effect: I built a normal SHIV in the Foundry and it was available to view in the Soldier list, but the SHIV itself was not there, just it's stats and the panel of buttons to the left (only dismantle was available) with an empty platform. Coincidentally, I could not load the SHIV in the squad prep screen for a mission.
  • Cause: Unknown, maybe building multiple SHIVs at the same time in the Foundry. Barracks had plenty of room and both an Alloy SHIV and a Hover SHIV were present so those could coexist in the Barracks.
  • Fix: 12Oct2012 patch fixed not being able to use damaged SHIVs.

EW: MEC Proximity Mines and skydropped Thin Men

  • Effect: bomb disposal at large Graveyard map, common Thin Man drop after deactivation is one of the nearby crypts. Placing a proximity mine on the crypt. When the Thin man drops, he 'lands' on the bubble, stands, and the game crashes out.
  • Fix: 2Dec2013