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Tachyon Pulsars have a range of 6, making them outrage ANY guns the aliens have up their sleeves. Only weakness: unable to disable bases and things which do not use engines. How to exploit: For blowing up enemy ships, you can actually put in Gravity/Induction Drives in a lightning and reduce the weight (remove ALL shields and missiles, for example), to the point that your lightning can fly BACKWARDS faster than a Shade or, er, ANYTHING can fly forwards. This essentially lets you fly backwards and shoot at enemy planes 6km away while they fruitlessly fly in a straight line at you trying to get within 5 km or nearer.

There is a bug with the X-winder Missiles. Unlike a lot of other missiles, like the Fusion Torpedo, The humble X-winder has limited/NO COLLISION with friendlies. It also claims to have a deploy delay of 4 seconds, but in practice, I find it has a deploy delay of zero. Weird. Essentially, this means that all I need to do is get within 10km of an enemy Ore Processor/ Base, aim directly at it, and unload every single X-winder in my arsenal in rapid fire. Then watch as the base blows up. Whereas I tried launching several Fusion Missiles once, and they collided with each other, blowing up my ship.

Jasonred 11:39, 19 February 2009 (CST)