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The Chosen

The Chosen are unique enemies granted powers by the Elders and are a serious threat against XCOM. They are not to be taken lightly and can cause serious setbacks. Compared to WotC, they now act more like raid bosses so expect a tough fight and to not always be able to take them out quickly before they can cause problems.

Basic Mechanics


The Chosen first appear at Force Level 3 and will reveal themselves. The chosen upgrades to T2 at FL7, T3 at FL11, T4 at FL 16, and T5 at FL20. Due to their increased strength and increased focus on having tough engagements, their appearance decreases the amount of enemies present and is limited to the following missions which will display a sitrep that they are present:

  • Intel Raids
  • Supply Convoy Retaliation
  • Recruit Raids
  • Haven attacks/defense (Full Retaliations)
  • Haven invasions
  • Chosen Avenger Assaults
  • Chosen Citadel Assaults


Chosen are much tougher and it is expected to take some wounds and you may even lose some soldiers. With that, when they are present in the field, no soldiers can die and will always bleedout allowing you a chance to save them. But if you don't get the soldier back up, the chosen can capture them from any range (they do not leave the field afterwards) but it requires their full turn allowing you additional time to eliminate them.


The chosen now gain a "Prime Reaction" granting them an additional action when damaged but is limited to only select abilities. They are allowed to move, reload or "Combat Readiness" which grants 10 defense while in cover, reduce explosive damage by 10% and can remove the maim effect. This option can be disabled through the second wave option.


The chosen are immune to any negative mental effects, frost, and critical attacks.


The chosen no longer have any general weaknesses but take 25% additional damage from their respective advesary hero faction.

Strategy Layer

In the strategy layer, the chosen can perform various activities for the month which can be viewed in the chosen screen accessible in the geoscape. Their available activities is based on their current knowledge level, ranging from 0-100. The chosen passively gains 9 knowledge at every supply drop and an additional 4 whenever they successfully kidnap a soldier. The following is a list of available activities chosen can accomplish:

  • Training : At the end of the month, they gain a new strength empowering them. The Chosen that performed the action cannot repeat it for the next two months.
  • Sabotage : The chosen can perform various activities disrupting xcom and have a 40% chance of succeeding:
    • Steal 25% of your current supplies
    • Steal 25% of your current intel
    • Increase a scanning site by 4 days
    • Extend the current covert action by 5 days
    • Delay research by 4 days
    • Can steal 3-5 weapon upgrades but requires at least 3 upgrades to activate.
    • Can steal 2-4 elerium cores but requires at least 2 cores to activate.
    • Can steal 2-4 datapads but requires at least 2 datapads to activate.
    • Can inflict "fear of chosen" to 3 random soldiers
    • Increase current wound times by 5 days
    • Wound a Staff for 15 days.
  • Dark Event: Requires at least 50 knowledge. The chosen activates another dark event. The Chosen that performed the action cannot repeat it for the next month. Only one Chosen can perform this action at a time.
  • Retribution: Requires at least 75 knowledge. Attack a region reducing the haven's effectiveness by 30% for 21 days and gain 8 knowledge. Can be performed up to two times from a given chosen but only three can be performed all together. The Chosen that performed the action cannot repeat it for the next two months.
  • Assault the avenger: Requires at least 100 knowledge. Launch an assault against the avenger that occurs in 2-10 days.