City Maps (Apocalypse)

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Mega-Primus Cityscape Maps for each difficulty.

Cities get much larger and more complicated as the difficulty increases, forcing you to cover more ground and protect more buildings.

City Maps

Novice Easy Medium Hard Superhuman

Outline Maps

Novice Easy Medium Hard Superhuman Legend:

  • White - perimeter walls
  • Light Grey - buildings
  • Grey - industrial areas
  • Dark Grey - roads and tubes
  • Black - remnants of the old city and beyond
  • Green - grassland, trees, undeveloped land

Mix And Match

It is possible to play any difficulty with a different cityscape! Each difficulty has its own city-map file and building-style file contained within the UFODATA folder. Each pair must be changed together. Make a copy of these ten files somewhere as a backup.
The # denotes a number according to the difficulty: 1 is Novice, 2 is Medium, etc.

  • CITYMAP# file contains the layout of the city. (Note: these files not have a suffix)
  • CITYMAP#.BLD contains the name, ownershup, and size of the buildings for that particular CITYMAP.

Rename both files by changing the number to what you want, then start a new game. (Eg: playing a superhuman game by using the novice citymap)
Note: The CITYMAP.DAT file contains all the information about the tiles that make up the whole city.

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