City Maps (Apocalypse)

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There are 5 Mega-Primus maps, one for each difficulty level. Click on each image to enlarge it

City Map 1 (Novice)

Apoc 1 citymap outline.png
Apoc 1 citymap1.png

City Map 2 (Easy)

Apoc 2 citymap outline.png

City Map 3 (Medium)

Apoc 3 citymap outline.png

City Map 4 (Hard)

Apoc 4 citymap outline.png

City Map 5 (Superhuman)

Apoc 5 citymap outline.png

It is possible to play a different on a difficulty level by opening the /UFODATA folder and renaming the files CITYMAP_ and CITYMAP_.BLD (remember to do backup of the files first.

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