City Maps (Apocalypse)

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There are 5 Mega-Primus maps, one for each difficulty level. Click on each image to enlarge it.

City Maps

Novice Easy Medium Hard Superhuman

Outline Maps

Novice Easy Medium Hard Superhuman


  • White - city walls
  • Light grey - buildings
  • Medium grey - built open areas
  • Dark grey - roads and tubes
  • Black - empty off-city areas
  • Green - empty garden areas

It is possible to play a different on the map from difficulty level (for example, playing the Hard map on Novice difficulty) by opening the /UFODATA folder and renaming the files CITYMAP_ and CITYMAP_.BLD (remember to backup the files first!). 1 is Novice, 5 is Superhuman.

It should also be noted that the cities get much larger and more complicated as the difficulty increases, forcing you to cover more ground and protect more buildings. You can thus use map-swapping to finetune the difficulty a little further.

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