Cityscape (Apocalypse)

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Cityscape is a combination of base management screens and the city view of Mega-Primus. Cityscape is used to run the strategic element of the game, by managing your bases and soldiers, sending soldiers and craft on missions, conduct relationships with other organizations, view the ingame UFOPedia and other important controls of the game. Cityscape is played on real time. Data can be consulted and controls can be given when the game is paused. But your craft will only move and research will progress forward take time to achieve their tasks and this time must be waited out on the city view.

Citiscape Screen

The main part of the screen is occpied by the Citiscape Display and the current view of Mega-Primus on the screen can be moved by scrolling the mouse to the edges of the screen. Using the Citiscape Display Options on the Control Panel it is possible to set Camera Mode, when the view will follow a selected craft, switch between Isometric (3D) and Overhead (2D) map views, check Alien Infiltration and the Performance Log, consult the ingame UFOPedia or access the Game Options.

When using the Overhead Map View the game will represent craft by the following symbols:

  • X-COM Base
  • X-COM Agent
  • X-COM ground craft
  • X-COM aircraft
  • X-COM ground craft
  • X-COM aircraft
  • Hostile ground craft
  • Hostile aircraft

The Control Panel is divided into four sections: Citiscape Display Options (described above); Message Bar (where messages from events on Mega-Primus will be received and can be consulted; Time Controls; and Central Information Panel (where information will be displayed and commands can be given).