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Cityscape Files

Internal knowledge of some files found within X-Com Apocalypse. If changing any files, make copies of the files before you edit them.

City Maps And Difficulty

It is possible to play any difficulty with a different cityscape! Each difficulty has its own city-map file and building-style file contained within the UFODATA folder. Each pair must be changed together. Make a copy of these ten files somewhere as a backup.
The # denotes a number according to the difficulty: 1 is Novice, 2 is Medium, etc.

  • CITYMAP# file contains the layout of the city. (Note: these files not have a suffix)
  • CITYMAP#.BLD contains the name, ownership, and size of the buildings for that particular CITYMAP.

Rename both files by changing the number to what you want, then start a new game. (Eg: playing a superhuman game by using the novice citymap)

  • The CITYMAP.DAT file contains all the information about the tiles that make up the whole city and is common for all cityscapes.

Other Files

PAL_*.DAT Palette used in Cityscape mode.
ISOBORD*.DAT Images of the interface at the bottom of the Cityscape.

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See Also

  • Editor for cityscape maps.
  • Editor to change cityscape tiles. eg: road damage resistance, slum building strength etc.