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There are 4 classes of agents available on The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, plus Carter, which belongs to a unique class (Leader). Each class has 5 levels of abilities, with the player choosing between two abilities in some cases.

  • Commando

Commandos are your main combat class. They use regular rifles as weapons and have the highest durability of any class.

m14 rifle, laser smg, laser pulser rifle, rotary plasma cannon

Rank Ability Tree 1 Ability Tree 2
Level 1 Deniable Ops
Commando insults targeted alien, drawing them out of cover.
Level 2 Pulse Wave
Commando unleashes a wall of TK, causing damage, and shoving them out of cover if applicable. Lighter enemies stumble for a significant amount of time.
Level 3 Tunnel Vision
Damage bonus to Taunted enemies.
Machine Gunner
Adds another bar of health.
Level 4 Personal Shield
Casts one shield, can be used on Carter or either other Agent.
Plasma Field
AoE attack: continuous damage to any alien that is inside or enters the Plasma field. Does not affect XCOM Agents.
Level 5 Peak Conditioning
Adds another bar of health.
Wave Amplification
Increases damage from Pulse Wave.
  • Engineer

Engineers are a class that mainly focuses on battlefield control. They use shotguns as weapons. Their Mine-laying ability can be used to "prep the field" before ambushes, if you know one is coming up after activating a panel or door: you can lay down up to 6 mines (spread them out), then activate the alien ambushes, softening the attackers.

m1897 shotgun, scatter laser, plasma assault cannon

Rank Ability Tree 1 Ability Tree 2
Level 1 Grease Monkey
Engineer throws a device which causes burning irritation in enemies, forcing them to leave cover.
Level 2 Mine
Engineer throws a proximity mine that will remain untill detonated. Does not affect XCOM Agents.
Level 3 Demolitions Expert
Decreases cooldown on Mine ability.
Level 4 Rocket Turret
Deploys turret that slowly shoots slow-moving but powerful Plasma shots.
Gun Turret
Deploys turrent that rapid-fires mid-strength laser shots.
Level 5 Fortified Turrets
Turrets deploy with shields.
Increases damage against Mechanical targets.
Heavy Metals
  • Recon

m1903-a4 Sniper rile, plasma sniper rifle

Recon are your anti-personnel soldiers. They use sniper rifles, with abilities focusing on hitting enemies hard and on being able to get into good flanking positions. A feature of the Critial Strike ability is that is effectively "terrain-peircing": a targeted enemy will be hit, regardless of location, or intermediary objects.

Rank Ability Tree 1 Ability Tree 2
Level 1 Endurance Training
Critical Strike
Recon Agent focuses to perform a powerful Headshot for a guaranteed critical hit.
Level 2 Hard to Kill
Eagle Eye
Level 3 Cloak
Makes agent invisible for a time.
Recon casts a holographic image, in a manner similar to a turret (including having independent "hit points"). Diversion causes no damage. It is not subjected to Cover rules, so aliens attacks will prioritize it.
Adds another bar of health.
Level 4 Crack Shot
Reduces cooldown on Critical Strike.
Armor Piercer
Critical Strike now does heavy damage to armor and shields.
Level 5 Fire Mission
AoE Attack. Calls down an artillery strike that damages friend and foe alike.
  • Support

Support class soldiers wield pistols, and focus mostly on defense and improving your other squad members.

z-62 machine pistol, laser pistol, heavy plasma pistol

Rank Ability Tree 1 Ability Tree 2
Level 1 Officer School
Combat Stims
Grenade-like device: boosts defense and accuracy for allies.
Level 2 Shield Sphere
A "shield grenade", it can either be used to cover agents directly, or be placed between agents and aliens to intercept shots.
Adds another bar of health.
Level 3 Disrupt
Level 4 Medical Breakthrough
Guardian Angel
Agent takes greatly reduced damage while on a Revive order.
Helping Hand
Reduces all ability cooldowns for entire squad.
Level 5 Savior
Greatly increases bleed-out time for units in squad.
Shield Sphere now reflects shots to attackers.
Adds another bar of health.