Claymore (Chimera)

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Agent Claymore
Agent Claymore
Traits Explosives, AOE, Breaching
Weapon Shotgun
Claymore can open any door. Or wall. Or object. Explosives aren’t usually celebrated for their precision, but Claymore places and directs the blasts with unrivaled accuracy.

"There is never a red wire. I am lucky if there are even wires." -Claymore

Claymore is a human and a playable agent in XCOM: Chimera Squad.

Claymore's primary role is to contribute AoE damage with both standard grenades and his own hand-crafted explosives. Several of his upgrade choices give him the ability to Rupture opponents, and he also aids in Breaching certain areas that would otherwise require Breaching Charges. While not his intended purpose, his grenade-related upgrades also affect support grenades such as the valuable Motile Inducer.


Health Mobility Aim Will Dodge Crit Psi
9 9 65 40 0 0 0


Rank Ability
Cadet Shrapnel Bomb
Claymore tosses an explosive that detonates after several turns. It does not destroy cover, and can be targeted to detonate it early. Does not end the turn if used as the first action.
Deputy Agent Concussive Charge
Claymore detonates a powerful charge that ruptures all enemies near a wall breach point. Usable once per mission.
Field Agent Fortitude
Claymore becomes immune to all grenades and environmental hazards, allowing him to use grenades in situations that would normally cause self-inflicted damage.
Improvised Explosives
Equipped grenades regenerate one charge after each encounter.
Special Agent Sticky Grenade
Claymore throws a grenade that adheres to an enemy, forcing them to move to a new location; the grenade explodes when the enemy stops moving. Ends the turn when used. 4 turn cooldown.
Senior Agent Heavy Shrapnel
Shrapnel Bomb now deals damage through cover.
Impending Doom
Shrapnel Bomb ruptures enemies in its blast radius immediately upon landing.
Principal Agent Barrage

Sticky Bomb and Shrapnel Bomb deal +1 damage and no longer automatically end the turn when used. Shrapnel Bomb can also be used more than once per turn.

Training (Special Agent) Unlock Potential

+1 armor.

Training (Principal Agent) Heavy Ordnance

All grenade items gain an extra use when equipped.

Tactical Advice

  • Shrapnel bombs detonate a few turns later in the timeline, so using one on an enemy that is much later in the timeline than Claymore can guarantee they can't move away.
  • Shrapnel bombs can be detonated by tossing a damaging grenade on them, making a shrapnel bomb followed by a frag grenade a staggeringly damaging combo that also gets around shrapnel bomb's usual delayed damage drawback. Improvised Explosives allows this trick multiple times per mission.
  • With Impending Doom ability learned, the Shrapnel Bomb can be treated as some kind of marking device, making all enemies in the AoE (even the ones in cover) Ruptured, so consider to throw one before engaging the enemy with the rest of the squad.
  • Using Sticky Grenade while there are your Agents on the Overwatch is the two-edged sword. If enemy was hit by SG and was hit by reaction shot, SG will explode right after they were hit. On the one hand, enemy will definitely be killed since Sticky Grenade is guaranteed to hit and moving enemy will be downed by reaction fire. From the other hand, that enemy might run to the one and hit him with the explosion, if he wasn't shot in Overwatch.


The third child of two engineering professors, Claymore lost his mother and brother in the invasion and spent much of his early life in refugee camps, city outskirts, and eventually resistance camps. He inherited his parents' technical skills and combined it with his own penchant for tinkering to teach himself how to assemble explosives, building grenades for resistance forces. After disarming an ADVENT bomb that would have wiped out his resistance camp, he attracted XCOM's attention. During the War for Liberation, Claymore spent time on the Avenger to disassemble alien explosives. He stayed with XCOM as a demolitions specialist and was transferred to Chimera Squad at his request.