Combat Stims (EU2012)

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Combat Stims

This powerful stimulant cocktail derived from a chemical found in the glands of a Muton Berserker provides a temporary boost to several of our soldier's vital statistics.

  • Strengthens the user's Will against panic
  • Reduces incoming damage by 50% and provides immunity to critical hits during the next 2 enemy turns
  • Increases mobility for 2 turns
Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)


Research Required Berserker Autopsy
Base Costs §50
15 Alloys
1 Berserker Corpse
15 Engineers
Abilities/Stats Combat Stims
  • Combat Stims can only be used by a soldier on itself.
  • Combat Stims can come particularly in handy on Terror Missions. The extra movement makes it more likely you'll get to a civilian in time instead of watching the aliens kill them from two feet away, and since you may often have to be in poor cover, the damage reduction and critical hit immunity are very useful.
  • "Ahhh, that's the stuff." Contrary to what the ingame text says about them, Combat Stims will appear as a skill, limited to two uses over the course of a mission. Stay stimmed, stay alive!
    • Deep Pockets does not increase number of uses to three, so be aware!
  • Soldier with Mimetic Skin can use Combat Stims without breaking concealment.
  • Movement is increased by 3 additional tiles.

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