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<tr><td align="left">[[Dreadnought]]</td><td>1</td><td>1</td><td>1</td></tr>
<tr><td align="left">[[Dreadnought]]</td><td>1</td><td>1</td><td>1</td></tr>
<tr><td align="left">[[Alien Colony Assault|Alien Colony]]</td><td>2?</td><td>2?</td><td>2?</td></tr>
<tr><td align="left">[[Alien Colony Assault|Alien Colony]]</td><td>2?</td><td>2?</td><td>2?</td></tr>
<tr><td align="left">[[Artefact Site]]</td><td>?</td><td>?</td><td>?</td></tr>
<tr><td align="left">[[Artefact Site]]</td><td>0</td><td>0</td><td>0</td></tr>
TO DO: check game files for number of commanders at Artefact Sites and Colonies (primarily to see if Aquatoid Commanders are present).
TO DO: check game files for number of commanders at Colonies.
==See Also==
==See Also==

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Commanders hold the loftiest rank in the alien hierarchy. They can only be found in Alien Bases (Alien Colonies for TFTD), on Battleships (Dreadnoughts for TFTD), on an X-COM Base Defense mission, or Cydonia (T'leth for TFTD). Capturing a commander is crucial in order to complete the game: only commanders are privy to the location of the Brain's stronghold on Cydonia.

Commanders have higher intelligence, armour, and other stats compared to other members of their race (although this is somewhat race dependent), although their "aggression" score is typically lower. Commanders often carry a Blaster Launcher (other ranks may carry them as well). They are probably the toughest opponents you will encounter on any given mission -- especially Sectoid Commanders, which can use Psionics to attack your men from their hiding place on the bridge.


UFO Type Beg./Exp. Vet./Gen. Super.
Small Scout000
Medium Scout000
Large Scout000
Supply Ship000
Terror Ship000
Alien Base111

Captured Commanders

Interrogating a captured commander will allow research of The Martian Solution and then Cydonia or Bust. If the commander is a Sectoid or Ethereal it will also allow research of Psionics.

Terror From the Deep

Commanders in TFTD have similar roles and equipment to their EU equivalents. Bear in mind, however, that Alien Colonies are always manned by the same species of Aliens. The Synomium Device at the heart of an Alien Colony will always be guarded by two unarmed (save for their claws) Lobster Man Commanders and one Navigator.

Furthermore, only by interrogating a Lobster Man Commander will allow research of T'leth, the Aliens' City. Gillman Commanders are only good for unlocking The Ultimate Threat. Aquatoid Commanders are worthless for X-Com's research.

Tasoths shouldn't have Commanders, though there are reports of them appearing in the unpatched version of the game. See also: The Tasoth Commander Trap.

TFTD Deployment

Alien Sub Type Beg./Exp. Vet./Gen. Super.
Survey Ship000
Heavy Cruiser000
Fleet Supply Cruiser000
Alien Colony2?2?2?
Artefact Site000

TO DO: check game files for number of commanders at Colonies.

See Also