Continent Bonus (XCOM 2)

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Establishing contact with every region on a given continent and creating the requisite number of radio relays will unlock a unique bonus to aid your effort. A Continent Bonus is a game mechanic in XCOM 2.

Mechanic Description

Continent Bonuses provided additional global benefits to XCOM. In order to receive the bonus a player must make contact with all areas of the continent in question as well as have one to two radio relays present on this continent.

Continent Bonuses are randomized each game.

List of Bonuses

  • Quid Pro Quo
  • Under the Table
  • Lock and Load
  • Pursuit of Knowledge
  • Future Combat
    • All GTS Tactics costs reduced by 50%.
  • Armed to the Teeth
    • Extra mod slot for weapons.
  • Spy Ring
    • +25% for Intel rewards.
  • Hidden Reserves
    • Extra Avenger power output (+5).
  • All In
    • Supplies from Resistance drops increased by 20%.
  • To Serve Mankind
    • Recruits cost 10 supplies.
  • Suit Up
    • Proving Ground armour and vest projects are completed instantly.
  • Spare Parts
    • All proving grounds projects cost 50% less
  • Fire When Ready
    • Experimental ammo, grenade, heavy and powered weapon projects are completed instantly.

Continent Prerequisites for Bonus

  • Africa: Contact 3 regions + Requires 2 radio relays
  • Asia: Contact 4 regions + Requires 2 radio relays
  • Europe: Contact 2 regions + Requires 1 radio relay
  • North America: Contact 3 regions + Requires 2 radio relays
  • South America: Contact 2 regions + Requires 1 radio relay
  • Oceania: Contact 2 regions + Requires 1 radio relay