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The Control Chamber is the sixth building of ten in the series of alien structures.

The nerve center of the Alien city is concentrated in this building. The more intelligent Alien life forms are employed here to maintain and defend the building and its complex functions. Psimorphs will probably be found supervising operations and coordinating the defenders.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia

The Control Chamber houses giant organic brains which control the operation of Alien entities within the Alien dimension. The destruction of these organic brains will make any remaining Aliens more desperate, as their ultimate defeat becomes an imminent reality.  From: Mission Briefing


This building has two areas which contain the "giant" organic brains (shown left). There are thrity-two brain modules in total which are resistant to damage. Destruction of a brain module will cause a very small explosion. Psimorphs are absent!
The objectives are not visible and must be found. One area is a large brown rock encased elevated section above orange pads and another is a pyramid-style building.


The alien battlescape is five levels high.
A simple open design of the usual architecture which allows the defending force of Anthropods and Skeletoids to engage in long range combat.
A small unique building dominates the battlescape which contains half of the brains. This eight-sided pyramid is clad with curved pieces over a brown rock enclosure. Internal access is via a long narrow tunnel with the same curved piece design. As a critically important building, it has spawn pads underneath but is missing the Psimorph protectors. The tunnel is structurally weak and easily collapses from strong explosives.
The second important structure is of the typical brown rock design common with orange pad locations but has an internal section only accessible via grav-lift. The brain modules, being explosive do not affect the structural integrity.
Oddity: A small turret object with a large blue 'shield' within the pyramid but it is inactive and unknown of actual purpose.

Orange Pads

Re-Inforcement Timer is 10 seconds.
Seven locations. Fifteen pads in total with four being individually placed.
One pad device is of the typical design with brown rock scaffold. Destruction of scaffold does not affect the four pads which allows spawn camping from a distance if a cloaked spotter is used. The second is the important brown rock structure with four orange pads underneath. Although unique, it is not too different to the standard design and operation. The pyramid contains three pads spaced apart slightly which prevents one damaged and exploding pad from affecting the others. The remaining four orange pads are isolated and seperated but with two being closer together. These isolated pads, if camping, will need more agents to cover such a spread out orientation.

The Apocalypse Mission

Destruction of this alien building will initiate a unique alien retaliation mission.
All UFOs (except probes) will appear inside Mega-Primus soon with the intention of complete destruction of the city.

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